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You’re wanting to unleash your manifesting prowess so that you can deliberately create your limitless dream life and everything that you desire with ease and grace.

You want to harness Universal energies like you’ve never done before.

You want to gain and understand new Leading Edge Universal insight that will Awaken you into becoming the true vibrational master that you were born to be.

Well, my darling, I am so happy that the Universe has led you here. Know that this isn’t by chance, for nothing is ever by chance when you understand the unparalleled Law of Attraction.

I am here to guide you and to set you free

Hello! I am Sarah Morgan,

Creator And Founder Of Mastering The Art Of Manifesting And I Am A Manifesting And Law Of Attraction Coach, Author And Public Speaker.

However what I teach isn’t your ‘standard’ Law of Attraction insight. It is new, unique and totally Leading Edge, and it will give you a whole new angle and perspective on Manifesting.

I am insatiably passionate about demystifying everything I know and making it mainstream, because it is my vision to help hundreds of millions globally to live limitlessly and expansively, from a place of alignment, joy, and passion.

When you know how to consciously leverage our Universal Laws, there are others that will help you to powerfully manifest beyond just the Law of Attraction, you are completely limitless.

I work closely with my incredible Higher Self Sara who has been trained by the Abraham Collective Consciousness for millennia in Non-Physical, and who resides in the awesome 23rd Dimension.

It is through her that I can also access Guidance from my Broader Non Physical Team of which there are thousands, some of which you will know very well, and others who you won’t yet have heard of and are Multiversal.

Together, we are here to continue to share Leading Edge Insight that will help you to Master The Art of Manifesting and so, so much more far, far beyond.

With our current focuses including Vortex Readings, Soul Contract Readings, Higher Self Connection, Awakening Support, how to Manifest BIG and discovering the phenomenal support and love of your very own mighty and wondrous Non Physical Team, what we share is applicable and available to all.

I am one of the world's very first Believe Accredited Practitioners, for those wanting to learn and follow the Believe Releasing Process documented and shared by 5th Dimension Earth. It is with these totally Leading Edge teachings you can now shift out low vibration that is stored within your body, to rapidly and fully Awaken and become one of the highest vibrational beings on the planet - EVER.

Together Sara, The Team and I want open you up to the utter Universal and Multiversal wonder that is right at your very fingertips in every single moment.

I don’t consider myself ‘woo woo’, I consider myself very straight talking and I am known for simplifying what I receive so everyone can utilise and understand it. It is simply my desire to share everything that I continue to discover with the world, for it is time for us to ‘wake up’, to truly understand what we all have access to, and to end struggle, fear and suffering so that every single soul can truly manifest limitlessly.

This is a total adventure. Know that every single person, and indeed YOU, can open up to a life of incredible wonder if you desire and allow it.

And so, if you’re wanting to join me in this exciting exploration out here at the Leading Edge, then I am so, so happy that you have found me.

It's time to be the mighty Deliberate Creator you came to earth in physical form to be. It is time to bring it all in!

With SO MUCH love, Sarah x

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