Friday 27 March – Thursday 16 April 2020


Darling, powerful manifester,

Join myself and my awesome Non Physical Team for 21 Days of Calibrating To Wellbeing.

This is open to all who want to be a part of this collective focus.

21 days

£21 for 21 powerful practices, plus tips and guidance to help you get into the momentum of calibrating to wellbeing.

Time to focus upon the good, time to pull away from the fear, time to feel aligned, balanced, knowing, happy and POWERFUL.

We begin on Friday 27 March.

Share with everyone you know who would benefit from this. This is about a BIG group momentum.

We know, here at the Leading Edge, that what you focus upon expands. So let’s focus upon wellbeing and EXPAND it collectively.

You can join the practices live or on catch-up – they will be as powerful either way.

You will be able to access these practices within the private facebook group until the end of 2020.

Are you ready and willing to calibrate to wellbeing?

If so please follow both of the steps below:

1) Please send your £21 payment via this link: paypal.me/fasttrackmanifesting/21

2) Please send a join request for this private facebook group where we are so excited to welcome you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/142812150463862/

Let’s DO THIS.

Sarah x x x

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