I have had a fairly typical life…

And there is nothing different between myself and you. I live in a cottage in beautiful Kent with my gorgeous dog, Belle. I love travel and being in nature and having spa days with my girlfriends. I, like you and most people, have always just wanted to live a life of happiness, ease and freedom.

Formerly from the London corporate world, I always had an innate knowing that there was more to life. I always felt like I was on autopilot, caught up in the 9-5, 40 year plan and commuter treadmill. I felt resigned to this lifestyle and couldn’t see another way.

During my London career, about fifteen years ago, I discovered the book Ask and It is Given, which my sister gifted me and as soon as I opened it I knew I had stumbled upon the missing jigsaw piece.

In May 2017 I threw caution to the wind and leapt into the arms of the Universe, and decided to follow my one and only passion – I decided to become a Law of Attraction and Manifesting coach.

Since that time I have lived and breathed the tools that I teach and I have manifested SO much: my dream cottage (down to every detail including the blue front door!), my dream car, a multiple six figure income, a place on the life changing Abraham Hicks cruise, a luxury trip to the Maldives, business class flights and first class flights and so, so much more.

But this isn’t just about manifesting money and material things…

This is about manifesting a sense of deep fulfillment, joy, and passion that I now experience virtually daily – something I never take for granted. I am living the best version of me and, in the process, inspiring and helping thousands.

Helping others to follow their bliss and to become limitless is what sets my soul on fire.

When you work with Law of Attraction and the processes that I use, you are more powerful than one million people who don’t leverage these Universal laws. Currently less than 10% of the global population deliberately utilises Law of Attraction to design and create the lives of their dreams. I want to help lead the way in increasing this percentage and in widening the reach of this work.

My vision is to help hundreds of millions as I continue to share and teach Leading Edge manifesting and Law of Attraction insight.

There is a whole Universe and Multiverse out there to be tapped into and leveraged. There is so much joy, expansion and limitless wonder available to every single person on the planet, should they choose to allow and tap into it.

This is a time of change. We as a human race are waking up to the realisation that there is more available to us than meets the eye, and that life is not meant to be a struggle. The insight I share, and the Abilities that I am bringing forth through my Higher Self Sara and my broader Non-Physical Team, are here to set you free.

When you can fully Master the Art of Manifesting and beyond, you are completely and utterly limitless.

it is my privilege to serve you

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