I am thrilled to be able to offer Leading Edge Akashic Readings.

Providing Akashic Readings, just like Soul Contract and Higher Self Readings, is such a privilege.

These readings aren’t just a ‘nice to have’. They are Important, Precious, Powerful, Wondrous and, if You Allow them to be, they can be a significant influence to your Awakening and to You Aligning yourself to the Truth Of Who You Really Are.

Archangel Richard is the energetic caretaker, the keeper of records and overall Master of the Akashic Libraries and I am one of very few at this time who can go directly to the Akashic Libraries in the 25th Dimension with him.

When you have an Akashic Reading it is your Higher Self’s previous Physical Incarnations prior to You, that you will be learning about. And so why are these previous Incarnations of your Higher Self of such significance to You in this lifetime of yours? They are so significant and so Important, because these previous Physical Incarnations contribute to your own unique Soul Energy here in your Physical Lifetime right now.

Imagine a blend of Energies being mixed together to make up your own unique Soul Energy – this ‘mix’ contains some of the Energy from each and every one of your Higher Self’s previous Incarnations, too. How Wondrous!

Your Higher Self’s previous Physical Incarnations can also support You as part of your Non Physical Team, and it is all that they came to learn, develop and Understand throughout their Physical Lifetimes that contribute to so much of the Insight that your Wondrous Higher Self has to Share with You in your Lifetime now.

When I do your reading with Archangel Richard, he will show me 2 or 3 of your Higher Self’s previous Incarnations that are Helpful and relevant to You right now. They will help to bring You Understanding around your Soul Contract to date and in the future, and they will Help to Connect You to the Truth Of You, to Who You Really Are, and to what You are capable of and here to do.

At this time…

I have been Guided to offer these Wondrous readings to those that are moving through their Awakening following the Believe Releasing Process, whether You are just beginning or further along.

The readings cost £195 last for around an hour and You will just need to be somewhere quiet where You won’t be disturbed. You will then Receive an audio recording to keep afterwards.

I offer these sessions twice a week, at 10am GMT and 1pm GMT every Thursday.

Please note that if You are one of my clients Receiving 6 months of 121 Awakening Support, You will Receive an Akashic reading and likewise a Soul Contract Reading when I am Guided that the time is right for You during our Time together at no extra cost.

Akashic Records Readings are most Powerful when they are done at the right time for You and I will be lovingly Guided by Archangel Richard on your behalf. And so Feel into this with your Higher Self and if now does Feel the right Time then please contact me to arrange your session via link below.

I love you x x x

“It’s hard to describe the power of the Akashic Reading I had with Sarah recently. Archangel Richard showed her moments from the lives of three of the previous incarnations of my Higher Self, Hermione, and it was fascinating to see the relevance of those historical experiences in relation to my current life situation.

Sarah’s style is engaging, professional and warm throughout. I felt safe and totally at ease in her presence and she described what she was Guided to, with such clarity and in such detail that the messaging was incredibly clear to me.

At a point on my spiritual journey with both Sarah and 5th Dimension Earth where I am ready to learn more about my soul contract and my true purpose in this physical life, this was a perfect investment of both my money and time. An Akashic Reading with Sarah comes with my highest recommendation and I wouldn’t hesitate to have another one in the future at any point that I felt that it would be beneficial.”