Do you want to work with me to become one of the next world class manifesting coaches?

Do you want to Become An Incredible Manifesting Coach, Transform Lives And Manifest Your Own Dream Life In The Process?

Applications for for my Become A Manifesting Coach programme are open

Does manifesting make your heart sing?

  • Are you utterly passionate about helping others to live into their full potential and purpose, with ease and grace?
  • Do you live and breathe Law of Attraction?
  • Are you insatiable about fully harnessing your power over the most important law in the Universe, and inspiring others to do so in the process?
  • Do you want to step into your soul purpose of serving others out here on the leading edge of the leading edge?
  • Do you want to become an extraordinary, world class manifesting coach?
  • Do you envision creating extraordinary and spectacular impact globally?
  • Do you want to manifest REALLY BIG and truly step into your awesomeness?

Become A Manifesting Coach is a highly intimate, elite and exclusive programme and enrolment is by application only.

I am looking for those very special few who…

Want to shine brighter than ever, and who are as passionate as I am about co-leading a global and epic manifesting awakening.

I am looking to work with those who want to develop world class presence and influence, and who evoke huge passion and potential.

I am looking to work with you if you don’t only want to create ripples, but you want to create huge tidal waves of impact around the planet.

These are extremely exciting times and I am seeking the extraordinary quantum shifters, visionaries and change makers who want to grab this opportunity with their whole soul.

Are you one of them?

If your pulse is quickening as you read this, if excitement and goosebumps are spreading over your body, if you are ginormously excited to learn more, then please register your details below and I will contact you directly.


Since starting Sarah’s Becoming a Manifesting Coach in March 2018 our lives have changed. At the time we both really wanted to start our online coaching business but said we couldn’t afford it!

The truth is we could and once committing to the program we have manifested the cost of the course and a whole lot more! Sarah is the most nurturing and supportive person you could ever meet!

Everything she does comes from a place of love and she has taught us how to build a successful business in just 6 months with global clients and amazing monthly profit.

Sarah’s inner guidance is her magic power and she always knows exactly how to help, including the ups and downs she is always there!

Words can’t explain how much working with Sarah has changed our lives and we would definitely recommend her to anybody who is ready to manifest their dreams, Sarah will empower you to achieve it all, with her constant reminders that you are ‘limitless’

Sarah is an inspiration and we will never forget everything she has done for us!

Love & Sparkles


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