Having been one of the very first in the world to learn and follow the Believe Releasing Process from 5th Dimension Earth and be directly mentored by Olivia and Raf Ocaña throughout my own Awakening, this is something I am now supporting others with.

The Believe Releasing Process is wondrous and truly the most powerful and fastest way to fully Awaken. It is totally Leading Edge and there is nothing else like it on the planet.

All LOA teachings to date have targeted transitional (day to day) vibration. But this process targets and shifts out ‘stored’ low vibration, permanently, enabling you to become one of the most highest vibrational beings on the planet and opening you up to utter limitlessness, Multiversal wonder and so much more.

Imagine being able to hold your vibration. No more good days and then bad days. No more swinging back and forth. No more being ‘knocked’ off track. Just continued alignment and balance. Can you feel the power that this vibrational mastery would give you? This is what awaits you on the other side of the Believe Releasing Process.

I am one of the world’s very first Believe Accredited Practitioners and I receive directly from The Abraham and Jesus Collective when supporting clients with their Awakenings. To find out more about working with me, please see the links below.



Join me via a live group Zoom conference call for 45 minutes as I introduce the wondrous Believe Releasing Process that I have followed to facilitate my own Awakening. Learn first hand what Awakening actually entails, how it works and why the Believe Releasing Process is the most powerful and fastest way to fully Awaken on the planet – ever. 



These 50 minute sessions are for those who are feeling drawn to explore or start their Awakening, and who would like some 121 guidance on how to get going and where to begin. 


 If you are looking for some close support whilst moving through your Awakening, I offer  6 month Awakening Support options. If you would like to learn more about these and availability for working with me, please email me via the button below.  

Kate Page (USA)

I always had that feeling. That there was more to all of this “life.” I had no idea where to begin or who to trust. I was led to Sarah and it has forever changed my life. Navigating an Awakening is the most expansive and wonderous adventure that is filled with tons of resistance, emotion and it can be very confusing and overwhelming at times.

Sarah was essential (and still is) in my Awakening journey. She not only is always there when I need her guidence and support but she explains every step in such a way that it resonates with your soul. She demystifies the woo woo and breaks things down so that it is relatable since she herself has been on her Awakening journey in real time, proving that it can be done by anyone if thier desire is there.

I am confident that Sarah’s continued expansion is going to yield many special talents in addition to the power and wisdom she already has. Her insight and guidence has always been spot on. Nothing is more comforting when you’re on this journey than to have Sarah by your side the whole time, to lean on for guidence and confirmation. These kinds of relationships are so special and sacred.

Thank you Sarah for all you do. Love you x


Sarah is an amazing, warm and inspiring individual. It’s been such a privilege and blessing to work with her over the last few months and she has helped to shift my Awakening forward in leaps and bounds.

She has gently and intuitively guided me through the Awakening and Believe Releasing Process with love and grace and I now have new tools and understanding of how to continue on my journey. I honestly couldn’t have got as far as I have without her.

During each session she uses her deep knowledge of this spiritual practice, as well as guidance from her own Higher Self, to move me through the maze of emotions that I experience. After every call I feel like I shift forward or release a little more. I can’t thank her enough for helping me.

Karren Miller (UK)

The Believe Releasing Process is a real journey and can be lonely at times. Having someone there to tell you that what you’re feeling is normal and confirming that this is part of the process when your doubting yourself is so reassuring.

Everything you go through Sarah has her own relatable story. She is so loving and supportive, constantly there to guide you and offer words of wisdom and advice on how and what to do next.

Her support is amazing through what is a challenging but massively rewarding process.

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