Hello gorgeous manifester,

My name is Sarah Morgan and I am the creator and founder of Mastering The Art Of Manifesting, and it is my insatiable passion to help hundreds of millions globally to become the powerful creators that they were born to be.

When you can master the art of manifesting you are literally limitless and it is my absolute passion to spread as much knowledge and as much insight as possible around the Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifesting.

Money is one of my huge, huge passion points and I am always helping people to really enjoy the flow of this limitless energy so that they can manifest it on demand – this is absolutely possible for every single person.

Law of attraction works for everybody without exception, but only 7% of the population at this time consciously understands and harnesses it. My vision is to help more and more people tap into this unparalleled Universal law and turn the limitless money tap on.


You don’t have to work hard

I struggled with money for years and then in May, 2017 I finally mastered it! And within six months I was enjoying a six figure money flow. I’m now playing with mastering money overflow as well. But unlike most people, I don’t believe I have to struggle, effort and push – because once you know how to manifest money on demand using LOA – everything changes and becomes easy.

I don’t want to work hard for money. I don’t want to work hard for anything. When you know how to harness the energy of the Universe, you don’t have to. Instead everything becomes really easy and this is what I’m passionate about coaching.

Celebrate every penny!

One of my main top tips when manifesting money is to always focus upon being grateful for all money that comes IN. What you focus upon expands, and the majority of people put far more attention on what is going out. However, when you intentionally shift your focus to what is coming into your experience instead, you will manifest even more coming in.

Every single say I celebrate everything, no matter how large or small the amount. This is something I’ve done since day one of cracking money manifesting, having spent 37 years struggling with it. I track every single thing that comes in. I celebrate every single thing that comes in. Even if it’s a discount or a freebie, even if it’s just a payment of £10, I celebrate it all!

In my courses, I teach you how to track money and how to log your finances so that you’re only looking at your outgoings once a month.

As someone who used to have a bad energy with manifesting money, this was a real game changer for me.

Also don’t limit the channel or don’t judge the channel. If you receive money from your parents, don’t dismiss them and think but I didn’t want the money to come in that way. Understand that you still manifested it, also even if its money through your job. If you have a full time job, work that out to what that equals daily and every day, log the amount and feel into the energy and gratitude of it.

Know that if you’re not feeling delicious about everything that comes into your experience, then you’re telling the Universe you don’t want it. So be grateful for all the money that comes.

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I love you so so much!

Sarah x x x