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Bryony Tilley, UK

“After just ONE FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with Sarah I managed to manifest £5000 which I NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE if I hadn’t spoken to her! It was something so simple which she helped me to gain perspective, focus and confidence on… and one phone call later? £5000 in the bank!”

G. Buxton, UK


“When you read Sarah’s story you realise that she is a real-life example of 5-star manifesting in action. Her story is captivating and sent shivers down my spine. Her passion will awaken your desire to create ‘The Life You Love'”  

S. Shore, UK 


“In just one call with Sarah I found the tools I needed to create the life of my dreams. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life in a career that left me drained and unfulfilled at the end of every day. Sarah gave me tips for going BIG in my Dream Day journal. I ran with it and began manifesting right away. Within ONE WEEK every desire I’d journaled about was within reach. My dream career was available to me, seemingly from nowhere! Money began appearing from unexpected places! My marriage was thriving after months of hardship! Sarah is the real deal and I am forever grateful for her insight.”

C. Bruning, USA


“Sarah’s positive & her genuine zest for life really shines through with the wonders of manifesting. Looking forward to working with you more.”

M. Isaac, UK


“The first time I spoke to Sarah, I knew that she was genuine, sincere and most important, interested in what I had to share and the life I wanted. She has so much knowledge about manifestation, Law of Attraction and aligning with your desires so they are in your reality in record time. More than anything, she will make you feel so good, raise your vibe and have you in an incredible place of trust, faith and gut knowing that everything you want is possible for you! And open you up to receive. All the while having an incredible smile on her beautiful face!”

Annomymous, Canada


“I started working with Sarah about 3 weeks ago, with an initial intro call, and then signed up for her Money Mastery Intensive and I am blown away by how much I have benefited from everything she has taught me and the skills she has equipped me with! I was really nervous and unsure about finances and my financial state, and had massive blocks that were keeping me from unlocking the abundance that I so rightly deserve. Sarah has pinpointed these blocks and assisted me in navigating how to get past my blocks and now I have made back what I invested in the coaching, ten-fold! And we are only half way in! I am receiving daily abundance, and financially I feel so much more in control and at ease with where I am, and where I am going! I cannot recommend her more, absolutely worth it! Not just for Money manifesting, but for anything else too. I have things coming to me now that before we’re just blimps on my radar and it is awesome!”

S. Van Der Merwe, S. Africa


“Sarah is a total inspiration and 100% made a difference in my life in a very short space of time! This works! Practical tools that totally change your mindset and helps you to be open to change that suits you, your life, wants and needs. A little earthbound angel – I trust her and recommend her.”

O. Ocana, Spain


I have been aware of the art of manifestation for ten years and have consciously used it inconsistently throughout this time. Since meeting Sarah I have been consistently manifesting and maintaining a high vibe state and returning to a high vibe state if ever my vibrations drop.Sarah has the most wonderful nature and if very down to earth and has a very accessible approach, I would especially recommend you contact Sarah if you find the idea of the Law of Attraction a bit too ‘hippy’ or out there for you as she wraps things up in such a down to earth way. I can genuinely say I have not been in such a consistently happy state where I am so excited about life before Sarah came into my life. Thank you xx”

H. Bugg, Australia


“In May I signed for the oney Manifesting Mastery Intensive course! At the time I couldn’t afford the fee but thought screw it, what’s another bit of debt!  It’s now the 27th June (the month hasn’t even ended) and I’ve gone from 3 minus bank accounts to three accounts with money in each! Now I’m not talking about £5 or £10 (although I love those amount) im talking about over £3k in one account alone! Nearly £1k in the other and £300+ in the other! I’ve just cried as the post arrived because tomorrow I receive another £1800!

I have followed everything Sarah Morgan has taught me, I’ve had amazing days and I’ve had bubbly energy days!  You must all, do this course I can’t tell you how much everything has changed for me not just money wise! I’ve had money coming into my accounts every single day from all random places! I’ve found money on the floor, I’ve found money on gift cards, I don’t know how it works but it does!

I’ve started working on my dreams and things are progressing rapidly!  Here’s to my wonderful abundant future! I hope you all take the leap of faith and JUMP!!!! I promise you won’t regret it!”

C. Griffiths, UK


“I met Sarah through a mutual business venture, over time we got to know each other and found that we had very similar passions and beliefs. 

When she invited me to her Mastering the Art of Manifesting page on Facebook, I was intrigued and started following her. Very quickly, I found I looked forward to her uplifting quotes, words of encouragement and lovely positive advice. Sarah’s energy really lifted me and as more people came on board and contributed to the group, that energy seemed to just keep building… and still is.

When a big event came up in my life recently, I contacted Sarah to ask her how, using her skills and knowledge, she would approach this situation. After an hour’s chat, I put my manifestation plan into action straight away and guess what…. it worked!!! And not just once, but 3 times in the same week – each time I asked and believed, I did, amazingly, receive! I almost can’t believe it works but with the right focus and attitude, it just does!

The art of manifesting has opened me up to a whole new way of thinking – it feels so positive and so right. I met Sarah for completely different reasons but I have no doubt we were meant to meet for this reason!! She is such an inspiring person and I’m so glad to know her. Thank you universe and thank you Sarah for following your dreams which in turn has helped me to follow mine too x”

M. Butler, UK