My name is Sarah Morgan. I am the creator and founder of Mastering The Art of Manifesting and I am insatiably passionate about helping millions globally to master the art of manifesting to live their dream lives full of flow, fulfillment, happiness and joy. And of course lots of delicious manifestations.

Did you know there are two distinct types of manifesters?

The first type is an outcome manifester and the second is a process manifester and when you understand which one you are, it empowers you and enables you to know what works best for you in terms of ramping up your manifesting flow.

Most of the big manifesting coaches out there at the moment are doing incredible things and they are outcome manifesters.

However I’ve always known that I’ve manifested a bit differently and when I speak to people in the mastering the art of manifesting community, when clients start to work with me or when people read my books, they realize that they are like me. They manifest in a different way – they are Process Manifesters. I would say 98-99 percent of people that follow my work are process manifesters.

When people start using the tools that I teach in my books: Welcome To The Beginning of Everything You Want’ and ‘It’s Time To Get Your Money Flow On’ they find that suddenly everything clicks because before that they only understood the law of attraction at a logical level, but they were struggling to implement it where they actually FEEL it rather than just understand it intellectually.

So how do you know if you are a process or outcome manifester?

If you are an outcome manifester you’re going to love thinking of a goal, having a deadline, having lots of specific requirements to that goal and you’re going to love holding the energy until that manifests!

And what will happen is when it manifests, then your energy will shift and so you’ll have a big energy shift and big explosion of, oh my goodness, I’ve done it. This is amazing. You will get really excited and then focus on the next goal that you have. And so on.

However if you are process manifester, if you are focusing on a goal with a deadline or for example, a specific amount of money, what will happen is it will make you feel uncomfortable and it will immediately make you think, how am I going to do that? It will make you feel despondent and wonder how is that ever going to happen for me?

If you are a process manifester, you manifest way more powerfully and way more quickly when you go broad and general and when you enjoy the whole process. So for you it’s not about having a specific goal, enjoying the outcome and holding that energy. That will feel uncomfortable to you. What feels good to you and where you will manifest the fastest is when you love the whole journey.

All the tools that I teach, including my Dream Day Journal and all the other processes that I weave into my books and my programs are about short cutting you into that fast track manifesting flow where you feel good because nothing else matters other that you feel good when you’re a process manifester. Then to follow the universal guidance that you will receive as a result of riasing your vibration and moving with that guidance and letting it flow.

When people find my work, they’re like, oh my gosh, I get it now! I can actually manifest! Their energy shifts and they start feeling the manifesting evidence and the manifesting magic all around them really quickly. It shifts within a few day. It’s really fast. And then the magic starts to happen.

And so always feel into what feels better to you when you’re thinking about what you want to manifest. Does it feel more exciting to go specific? or does going specific make you contract a bit and is it actually better to go broader and more general? Does that feel more delicious to you? Always feel in to what feels most delicious.

There is also quite often a misconception that you have to keep focusing and thinking about and visualising the thing that you want. And yes, that can be so, so powerful. But if you’re visualising it and it is making you contract, you are far better to go general again, or to actually not focus on that thing at all and focus on something else that makes you feel better. So your emotions are like a Universal Sat Nav.

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I am insatiably passionate about demystifying the Law of Attraction and it is my vision to help millions globally to live on purpose, from a place of alignment, joy, and passion. When you know how to consciously leverage Law of Attraction and you have mastered the art of manifesting, you are literally limitless.

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It may surprise you to know that I am not a natural manifester, and that I have had to self study for years to sift through, find and even create tools and processes that are simple yet phenomenally powerful. The way I work and coach is very different and my techniques will fast-track you easily into positive manifesting flow.

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With so much love,

Sarah xxx

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