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I am the Creator And Founder Of Mastering The Art Of Manifesting And I Am A Manifesting And Law Of Attraction Coach, Author And Public Speaker.

I am insatiably passionate about demystifying the Law of Attraction and it is my vision to help millions globally to live on purpose, from a place of alignment, joy, and passion. When you know how to consciously leverage Law of Attraction and you have mastered the art of manifesting, you are literally limitless.

How to master a powerful money manifesting mindset:

There are two parts to mastering a powerful money manifesting mindset which dovetail, these are:

1. Feeling good and leaning into your bliss and consistently shifting any negative mindset
2. Following universal guidance that will flow to you when you are in that positive manifesting flow

What you FEEL is what you attract. It is this simple!

Believe it or not, I am not a natural manifester, I have had to sift through and master the best tools out there to short cut to feeling good so that the universal guidance can flow. It is my absolute passion to now help others to leverage these powerful tools too.

Remember, everything in your finances now is a result of your past feelings and actions. So stop looking at the facts now (which is a manifestation of the past) and focus on your feelings and actions now and moving forward – these will change what you manifest from now on. And it can be really fast.

My Morning Manifesting Mindset Ritual:

1. Wake up saying that everything is possible and today I expect miracles, stand and open up
your arms signalling to the universe that you are ready to receive.

2. Dream Day Journal – 5 to 10 mins (this is an amazing practice that takes you out of the how and straight into positive manifesting flow) to find out more about this you can purchase my Dream Day Journal Tutorial here.

3. Meditation – 20 mins

My Bedtime Manifesting Mindset Ritual:

1. 20 reasons why you are:

* Already so rich
* Already have everything that you need right this very second
* Already living your dream life
* Already living a divine life

Just pick one that feels good to you!

2. Make a note of all money manifesting evidence: freebies, discounts, gifts, money in, money
out (this is also evidence of money manifesting).

3. LIMITING beliefs process:

* Write down your limiting belief
* Write out all the reasons why this isn’t true
* Write out all the reasons why the opposite is possible (real life examples)
* Write down new belief
This can feel slow to begin with but the more you do this the easier it becomes

More tools to help you FEEL abundant:

* Money bowl, or various bowls around house
* Various bank/money accounts if this feels good to you
* Meditate with money in your hands
* Imagine it is raining money and you are catching it
* Imagine you have so much money you are having to store it in places around your home
* Write down all your net worth
* Write down all the things you have always had in your life
* Add up value of everything you own
* Channel love when you spend
* See money as always moving and always flowing through you


If you have enjoyed reading my blog on money manifesting, you will find my book ‘It’s Time To Get Your Money Flow On‘ is full of powerful information and tools to help you master the art of manifesting money.

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