Hello gorgeous manifester!
My name is Sarah Morgan and I am the creator and founder of Mastering The Art Of Manifesting, and it is my insatiable passion to help hundreds of millions globally to become the powerful creators they were born to be.
When you can Master The Art Of Manifesting, you are literally limitless. And it’s my absolute passion to spread as much knowledge and insight as possible around the Law of Attraction and manifesting.
Law of attraction works for everyone, without exception, but only 7% of the population currently consciously works with this powerful Universal law and understands it.
They say that when we are born and when we are children, we remember. We remember our knowing of All That Is. But that as we grow up in today’s society, we start to forget and lose our connection to the greater and eternal parts of us.
My story mirrors this exactly. I remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old, sitting in front of the television entranced. I was watching Mary Poppins and I was fully engulfed in the magic. I wanted to have this same magic happen in my own life, too.
I also remember when I was about 6 years old, sitting on a rug in the garden on a summers day looking at a book that I had been given explaining how to do magic tricks. Within moments of looking at the first few pages, my heart sunk and the disappointment hit me that magic wasn’t real, it was all just ‘trickery’ to look like magic, instead of the real deal!
And then as I grew up, the notion of magic lessened and lessened further as I was taught to work with my logical mind, to ‘think’ about everything, to stay safe, to be aware of mostly the glass being half empty, rather than half full. Looking at what could go wrong rather than what could go right.
Then in my early 20s, I took two gap years, one before University and one after, with my best friend George. As we travelled and explored the world, the magic started to re-ignite again. I loved that we would spend most of our time talking about spirits, energies, and things much greater than we thought we were. Astrology, angel cards etc etc. Those times of travelling were absolute bliss. A reprieve from obligatory studying. A reprieve of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. A chance to feel connected to something far greater, as we would sit under the luminous sky at Ayes Rocks. As we sat in awe of the beauty of Milford Sound in New Zealand, and so many more magical places around the globe.
But then once again the magic seemed to cease again, as upon returning from my second trip travelling, I entered the corporate world fully. The world of ‘pushing’ and trying to ‘sell’. A world of pressure, deadlines, having to ‘network’ – all things that felt forced and unnatural to my soul.
It took me until I was 37 to actually start ditching these mainstream ways of thinking and working. To start fully surrendering to the Universe, to following my bliss and working with real, true Universal magic day in and day out. Since then my life has been ginormously expansive and now the manifesting magic chases me every day.
And where did this all begin for me? My Dream Day Journal process. A simple tool that became the complete game changer, that ignited my soul again. It is powerful, it is manifesting rocket fuel. It is literally gold dust and something you can start harnessing immediately.
So my darling, if you are feeling stuck, if you are wanting the magic to chase you once again, if you know deep down in your soul that there is so much more out there – then I so encourage and invite you to start here! You can watch my 30 minute tutorial specifically on this when you sign up for my newsletter, if you haven’t already done so.
Most people when they reconnect to the Universal magic, feel like it’s arriving home. Like they are remembering the truth. That they are starting to rediscover All That They Are.
Once you begin to open up again you will SEE the magic all around you, every single day. But in the words of the amazing Roald Dahl; “Those who don’t look for magic will never find it’.”
Once you discover it again though, it will light you up and make your heart sing in a way you never knew was possible.
Limitless magic really and truly does await you once you have mastered the art of manifesting.
I love you x x x
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