I’m back with the family this weekend and my sister has dug out some crackers of photos, including this one of when I was maybe 6? (I remember the Cabbage Patch Kids hair bands lols!)

Anyway, today is also my birthday and I’m like, whoa, if only I could have told that little girl back then that it would all be beyond okay.

It’s been such a journey to get here and it’s by no means all done, and I am so thankful that, after being lost for years, I now get to live out my dream every single day – and oh my gosh it is my deep wish to help you all to do the same.

We all have a calling, we just need to hook into our Inner Being and follow it. Ignore the head, always, and follow the Infinite Intelligence that is lovingly and sure-footedly ever guiding you.

Begin with journalling and meditating daily – that is what shifted everything for me 18 months ago.

Or start with my book, if you haven’t already – www.masteringtheartofmanifesting.com/book

You my darling are beyond worthy and everything you want awaits you, you only ever just need follow the next Universal breadcrumb.

I love you

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