Hello gorgeous manifester!

My name is Sarah Morgan and I am the creator and founder of Mastering The Art Of Manifesting, and it is my insatiable passion to help hundreds of millions globally to become the powerful creators they were born to be.

When you can Master The Art Of Manifesting, you are literally limitless. And it’s my absolute passion to spread as much knowledge and insight as possible around the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

Money is one of my huge, huge passion points. I love helping people to really leverage the Universal flow of it, so that they can get to a point where they can manifest money on demand, which is absolutely possible for every single person.

Law of attraction works for everyone, without exception, but only 7% of the population currently consciously works with this powerful Universal law and understands it.

Money Mantras

Before I mastered the art of money-festing, my vibration was so bad that just buying dog food was stressful and made me contract! But when I started proactively shifting my energy and mindset, I would say this mantra to myself whenever I bought something: “I know this is going to come back to me 10 fold! And within just six months of adopting this new belief and vibration, I was manifesting an annual six figure money flow. Nowadays I say 1 million fold and I make sure I FEEL this energy when I say it – because FEELINGS equal manifestations. Another great mantra I use is “I know that this money is on its way to me, and it’s on its way to me NOW!”

I remember when I was on holiday a couple of years ago I was thinking about booking a massage but my ego was coming up saying, “You can’t really afford that”. But as I always coach to my clients, I ignored my head and followed my heart and decided to book it anyway. And then as I was on route walking to the spa, in reception they had vouchers offering half price massages for that evening only! I stopped and said thank you Universe. Still today I practice the energy of “this money is on its way back to me and it’s coming to me now”.

Show the Universe you are serious

What I have also learnt in my money manifesting journey is that it can manifest soooo fast – everything can change in an hour or a day! And things especially ramp up and become this fast and powerful when you show the Universe that you’re ready to play!

Take that first step and invest in yourself or buy yourself something gorgeous. Demonstrate that you are done with living small and that you are now ready to live big. Line up your energy and then take that delicious leap and the Universe will be sure to catch you. I have lost count of the number of times I have just made an investment in this way and the Universe has massively jumped in to support me.

The very first time would have been May, 2017. I was experimenting with being a Law of Attraction Coach and before I knew it my business was flying and I suddenly thought “Oh gosh I don’t even know how to run a business! This is totally new to me!”

The Universe was already all over it and bought the perfect coach into my experience. So without overthinking, I took a leap of faith and hired her, which at the time felt like a big financial investment which that I didn’t technically have the money for. But I knew it was right in my heart despite what my ego was saying.

Then literally within 48 hours, I manifested my own first private 121 client, who paid me virtually the amount I was paying my coach and for the same period of time.  I had done my side of the bargain and leapt and the Universe kept to its promise and supported me!

What most people don’t realise is that so often the money and manifestations come AFTER the leap. Fear tends to get in the way and so they keep doing it the harder way around, they wait and wait and wait to have all of their ducks in a row, without realising they are slowing everything right down and making things harder.

When you demonstrate to the Universe that you are serious and then you back that up with aligned inspired action to meet it half way, thereafter you will be given everything you need to support you as you continue to follow your inner guidance.

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I love you so so much!

Sarah x x x