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There is currently nothing else like
this on the planet

Kate Page

I am literally trying to contain myself right now. When I started this journey I was lucky if I felt anything and would feel loads of frustration and question everything. Fast forward 9 months and it’s INCREDIBLE what I now feel and KNOW! I always felt the truth in Sarah and her teachings but it’s expanded into an absolute knowing. I am learning to take my training wheels off and navigate through my Higher Self, but the comfort and absolute presence of Sarah throughout my journey has been one of the best parts. Every session with her is so insightful. I can feel as Sarah releases the low stored vibration! I can feel the desires for my manifestations being surged by her and her Non Physical Team. Thank you Sarah for your guidance and reassurance. You have been the driving force behind my continued Awakening. Love you so much!

Piccia Neri

Working with Sarah Morgan has played a huge role in turning my life around, in more ways than one. Sarah leads you on a path of transformation that gets results very similar to those that you’d get working with the best psychotherapist and financial advisor combined. Think this is wo-woo? I used to, but not anymore. This is all backed by neuroscience and quantum physics and by the sheer reality of my transformed bank account and general happiness. I can’t wait to see where I will get over the years through our continued work together. The weekly amplification sessions are the highlight of my week. I stand in never-ending awe and appreciation of all that Sarah does to improve the lives of her fellow human beings. She’s our every own Esther and I feel extremely privileged to have her in my life.

Lisa Domingo

I highly recommend Sarah’s Manifesting Amplification process. Sarah has an amazing ability to calm the mind and so that you are ready to receive her amplification. I love the way she guides the practice. I can feel the energy moving throughout my body and I know the practice is working. Her ability to work with her Higher Self and our Higher Selves is top notch. She knows how to tune to what the group needs for the session. During the Q&A portion, her guidance, love, and care continues. It’s so nice to have someone like Sarah to lean on for guidance.

These sessions are completely unique and utterly leading edge.


They are held live via Zoom webinar every Wednesday at 1pm BST and are for all who want to amplify their Manifesting Proficiency, through powerful Energetic Abilities and Insight received and shared via my incredible Non Physical Team.


These sessions are for everyone and for ALL manifestation requests.


You are welcome to join every week, or you can choose to dip in and out as and when you are guided to.


My Higher Self Sara, who resides in the awesome 23rd Dimension, has been trained by Abraham in Non Physical for Millennia.


Her speciality, along with the support of my Broader Non Physical Team and Guides, is the Vortex and Manifestation.


Each weekly session is an hour long and includes a powerful Manifesting Amplification practice that is received and shared live.


No session is exactly the same, for I am always given what is perfect and specifically required for all who are live with me in the moment.


In addition to the practice each week, there are 12 spots available for those who want to ask me a question and receive guidance from myself and my Non-Physical Team



Each Session Includes:

Vortex Decluttering: The de-marking of fear-labelled requests, plus the powering up of your love-labelled ones so that they become prioritised within the Universal Laws and brought to you faster

An energetic ‘soothing down’ of fear around your Desires, enabling you to more easily hold aligned energy around them

A powerful creation of your manifestation requests within the Law of Desire enabling you to Manifest BIG

A powerful shifting out of transitional and stored low vibration, to help clear down resistance in the way of your manifesting requests

The energetic holding of your vibration throughout the hour, helping you to receive from your own Higher Self and Broader Non Physical Team more easily and clearly

A powerful amplification of balance and high vibration to carry forward beyond the session

Guidance from my Non Physical Team for those registering to ask a question 

Plus more as I am specifically guided for each and every individual on the session each week

These Sessions Are For Those Who:

 Are ready to tackle and shift out their deep-rooted resistance to their manifestation requests PERMANENTLY and at PACE

Want to speed up their manifesting flow

Want to increase their manifesting proficiency with utterly Leading Edge manifesting Insight

Are following the Believe releasing process from 5th Dimension Earth and want to prioritise and drive their releasing around their One Clear Desires and Manifesting BIG requests

Have reached a manifesting ‘expansion ceiling’ and now want to break through it

Want to work with and leverage multiple Universal Laws that amplify the Law of Attraction, to drive their manifesting momentum

Want to tune to their Higher Selves and Broader Non Physical Teams to aid their manifesting prowess

Who want to change and then NEVER be the same again with their vibration around manifestation

And who want to ultimately become vibrational masters and among the highest vibrational beings on the planet – EVER

It’s time to bring it all in!

Register for practice, plus ask me a question for £29.

(Includes 20% VAT)

Register for practice only for £19

(Includes 20% VAT)

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