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Are you ready to hugely uplevel your manifesting and create the life of your delicious dreams?

Hello, gorgeous!

This 4 month mastermind is for you if you are ready to hugely uplevel your manifesting and create the life of your delicious dreams!

It is for you if you are now ready to make quantum shifts in your life to and master all of the tools I implement and coach that have created huge mindset shifts and manifestations for myself and my clients.

Are you ready

to Master the Art of Manifesting?

In 2017 I created the life of my utter, blissful dreams and now it is my passion to help you do the very same

Are you ready to move and manifest with me?

Are you ready to shift limiting beliefs that no longer serve you?

Are you ready to lean on the infallible laws and powers of the Universe, to manifest expansion and happiness?

Are you ready to create the most incredible life that you are deeply in love with, with ease and grace?

Are you ready to live limitlessly?

Everyone can do this, BUT, I am especially looking to help a small and exclusive group of very special people who are ready to leap and uplevel like never before.

In the last 12 months I have manifested the following

  • My dream cottage (down to every detail, including the blue front door!)
  • My dream car
  • A multiple six figure income (after beginning at just a few hundred pounds a month)
  • My dream, ‘laptop lifestyle’ and part time business
  • A delicious work/life balance on my very own terms
  • A place on the life changing Abraham Hicks cruise
  • Dream, luxury holidays
  • Happiness like never before
  • Total freedom, flexibility and choice

And soooooo, so much more delicious abundance

I now live a magical life where I ask the universe for what I want and it continually and unfailingly flows to me.

As Abraham Hicks says, when you are ‘tapped in’, you are more powerful than 1 million people who aren’t.

If I can do it, you can too. If you desire it, then it is your given birthright and it shall be.

All you need is focus, consistency and the tools that I use.

Mastermind with me in a small, intimate group and watch your life move

Across the 16 weeks you will have a 60 minute 121 private kick-start session with me, ahead of 12 x 90 minute group sessions.

In this intimate group setting, you will receive direct coaching from me weekly, bespoke to your own, personal manifesting visions, wants and desires

I will coach you everything I know about working with Law of Attraction

I will lead you through 4 months of consistent, delicous manifesting focus

I will be here to guide you and help you every step of the way with energy and love

You will be equipped with the most powerful tools to manifest whatever you desire

You will establish an ingrained manifesting mindset, to take forward into your future and from which you can continue to create an extraordinary life on your very own terms

It’s meant to be easy. It’s meant to be fun. Your life is meant to be endlessly expansive and abundant

Are you ready to end the struggle and settling for average?

If so, either select your payment option below or book a discovery call with me. It would be a pleasure to speak with you to see whether you are the right fit for this exclusive programme The investment for this life shifting programme is:



5 installments of £1000

What My Inaugural Manifesting Mastermind Clients Say

Olivia Ocana

Healer & Sounrce Energy Guide and Founder of Guided Healing Zone

Sarah’s Mastermind came just at the perfect time from me, how very Law of Attraction!

With Sarah’s incredible coaching I was able to take a huge leap with starting my own business. Sarah‘s guidance, tool sets and ultimate support were the three things that proved invaluable for me in order to move forward.

She helped me navigate through the challenging early start of my business, which for anybody who has done this knows just how your own belief systems and limitations pop-up.

Sarah was able to guide me through and help me understand that that was all it was. Sarah was also able to challenge me in a very loving way to make sure I delivered on my own commitments to myself. For anyone who is looking for a true coach to help you take a big leap forward, the mastermind is absolutely for you.

I was lucky to be part of a group who I now call my friends and our group and the bond that we created I think will last for a very long time in the future. Don’t hold back, let Sarah take you by the hand and help you move forward and fast!

Veronica Roberts

“Hello everyone, I have to say I love Sarah Morgan. Sarah is both a gorgeous lady and one fantastic coach.

I quickly made a ‘leap’ and joined Sarah’s Manifesting Mastermind programme.  I hadn’t known Sarah very long.  I was looking through her time line and I caught one of Sarah’s live posts, on Facebook. She was out and about walking with her dog, and spoke so genuinely and truthfully.  Her honesty shone through and I knew this was a person I could trust.  To me it was a breath of fresh air.

We had an initial chat. I wanted to uplevel. Sarah could help. The following day I was working with her. OK, so what can you expect? As I said, honesty. Sarah was upfront about what works, where I stood and what was needed from me.

Simplicity.  I loved this, Sarah offered me tools and techniques that were quick to implement, easy to follow and delivered results.  And that’s the big one, results.  Yes I had my part to play, but quite honestly, Sarah was like my personal cheerleaders group. When you are learning anything for the first time and you get that wobble of, I’m not sure what I’m doing – Sarah stepped up to the mark with excellent guiding and super encouraging style. 

You knew she wanted this for you, as much as you wanted it for yourself.  I have created an amazing, happy life, fantastic improved relationships and financial abundance – thank you Sarah Morgan x”

Karen Lebsanft

CEO & Founding Director of Kurrajong Kitchen and Business Leaders Who Inspire

At the end of 2017 i chose to participate in Sarah Morgan’s Manifesting Mastermind  – guided to find this lovely lady – it was no doubt a brilliant choice.

For 12 weeks I woke to a 6am group session on ZOOM to find the smiling faces of the group greeting me from a time zone completely different to theirs.

The joy of having these like minded souls each week to reflect on our journey was something that made the course extra special.  Under the guidance of Sarah Morgan, we were challenged, lifted, calmed through meditation and set upon the path of Manifesting our dreams and desires. 

Through this course i have learned the values of myself, my universe, my dreams, desires, wants and needs and the joy of when belief and desire meet – expectation and manifesting is achieved. Put your heart and soul into this decision – it will make your heart sing xx

David Hall 

Founder of Fabulous Flights

Sarah’s Manifesting Mastermind was nothing short of amazing. Not only did Sarah share everything she knows about the Law of Attraction and manifesting but she also guided and coached me through the ups and downs that I encountered along the way. 

As a direct result of the mastermind I’ve launched a new business, I’m moving to live in another country in a few weeks and I’ve received over £17,000 that I wasn’t expecting – and I’m only getting started.

This is about more than the money though. I’m now more confident, less stressed and happier than I have been for many years, and for that alone it was worth every penny.

Karen Molony

I joined Sarah’s inaugural Mastermind group after the universe delivered my request for a coach. I had been following Sarah for a while and one of her videos about ego really hit a nerve. I went on a 2 week holiday deciding on my return I needed a coach to help me ‘get out of my head’, so cool, I just put that thought out there. Just before my holiday finished Sarah announced her Mastermind group and I knew this was an inspired message I needed to follow.

The first month with Sarah was mind blowing, I achieved all my goals and felt in full alignment. Of course my ego kicked in and did everything it could to derail me however Sarah was always there to support me as I navigated this. In reality, it is the support in the contrast that you really want, and Sarah is a genius at helping you with this.

The Mastermind course has been life changing, I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah, and her amazing tools, she has absolutely found her purpose in life.

Sarah, I am grateful for having had you come into my life, it is absolutely divine intention that we met. I appreciate everything you do, and continue to do, and know that we will remain in contact for a long time.

Will I get results?

YES if you surrender to working with me and implement the tools that I coach. I will give every single tool that I use, but I cannot get into your body and use them for you! I will teach everything I know, but I cannot DO it for you. You will have to do the work and I will give you all you need to make it happen for you, like I have made it happen for so many of my clients and also for myself.

Living the principles I teach has made me the happiest and most abundant that I have ever felt in my entire life. And the results my clients also get speak for themselves, over and over again.

How much individual support will I get?

This is as good as it gets when it comes to individual support, without paying my private coaching prices.

You will get 2 private sessions directly with me, a bonus SOS session after the mastermind course is complete, plus my laser focused attention on the Mastermind coaching calls.

You will also get individual attention in the private, exclusive Facebook group. This is the real deal when it comes to accessing me.

Will I get the results and will Law of Attraction work for me?

YES, if you will work for it and practice and follow the roadmap I lay out for you. This work shifts you from the inside out in all areas of your life and, if you consistently use these tools during the programme and onwards in to your future, you will become truly limitless. This is why this is not a crash course but requires a proper 4 month focus and investment.

Are there refunds?

No. You do yourself a disservice when you only dip your toe in to test the waters. Your life will only change as much as you commit to your growth. It’s a simple fact of life. It’s not that I don’t believe you’ll get anything out of the program – rather the complete opposite. It’s that I need you to be all in. YOU need you to be all in.