“Sarah’s continued expansion only provides more gifts and abilities to assist us on our own journey.
It has been such a blessing to have Sarah by my side as I continue to expand.”

Kate Page

My Manifesting Membership is now evolving more than ever

It is becoming the place where all who are in it get to receive and experience my new Abilities and Insights that continue to come through as I expand and meet more and more of my incredible Non Physical Team.

There are literally thousands in my Non Physical Team, there is endless newness to come through from them as I continue to vibrationally expand and open up – all to help you to become the most powerful manifester and commander of Universal energies on the planet.

Sound like a place that you want to be part of? Then keep reading!

My passion is to demystify manifesting. To help you to become the limitless creator that you are truly here to be, and to help you to unlock everything that is in your Vortex.

Using the tools that I teach and consistently working with Law of Attraction, has transformed my life in ways that I never could have dreamt of.


My Manifesting Membership will literally put you at the Leading Edge of Law Of Attraction insight and mastery. And it will help you to stay focussed and on track, so that you can truly unleash your limitless potential.

Do you want to:

Master The Art of Manifesting?

Learn how to weave manifesting into your everyday life?

Demystify Law of Attraction so that you can leverage it to the max?

Learn simple and powerful tools to fast track you into positive manifesting flow?

Receive help with focus and consistency?

Be the very first to receive NEW manifesting related insight

Be the very first to experience the benefits of my NEW Abilities, many of which are completely unique and can’t be accessed anywhere else on the planet, all received through my Higher Self Sara and the thousands on my Broader Non Physical Team

Are you ready to:

Manifest more abundance?

Shift into your passion and feel more happiness?

Unlock your limitless money flow?

Become the limitless manifester that you are truly here to be?

Join me right at the Leading Edge of vibrational understanding and mastery?

Now Is Your Time!




Every Month You Will Receive


It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to the Law of Attraction

Or whether you have been leveraging it for a long time but are wanting a new consistent point of focus that will help you to RAMP IT UP.

The Manifesting Membership is literally for all!


Every single person can tap into the extraordinary and unparalleled Universal Law of Attraction.

You just need to understand how to harness it!

When you ingrain the Law of Attraction and utterly Leading Edge Multiversal insight into your everyday life, when you are consistent and you live and breathe manifesting and vibrational mastry to the point where it becomes second nature – everything changes!

You will receive weekly and monthly tips, tutorials and guidance from me, all designed to empower you to keep excelling your manifesting mastery and momentum.

And you will be part of an ever growing gorgeous and totally Leading Edge global Manifesting Membership community.

As a part of the Manifesting Membership, every month you will receive:

A powerful monthly manifesting focus

A brand new members-only tutorial or module, delivered by me to help you leverage Law of Attraction TO THE MAX!

An exclusive meditation or practice to further amplify your manifesting momentum – these practices are received through my incredible Non Physical team and are exclusive to the Manifesting Membership only

A live webinar Q&A with myself and my Non Physical Team, giving you a chance to ask us your manifesting questions so we can help you on an up close and personal level too

A members only giveaway where one lucky person every month will be selected to receive a private 1-2-1, 30 minute manifesting session with me

Weekly emails from me personally, every Monday, to start your week off on the right track, RAISE your vibration and RAMP UP your manifesting flow!

A loving and supportive global facebook group, exclusive to Manifesting Membership members only – a high vibe space to share your manifesting stories and build connections with other manifesting-lovers around the world

50% discount across my most popular self-study courses – again this level of discount is only available to those in the membership and these courses will help you to boost your manifesting whether you are a beginner, more advanced, or whether you want to focus in on something more specifically, for example money

SO MY DARLING, ARE YOU READY TO MANIFEST TO join me at the manifesting Leading Edge?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel my Manifesting Membership?

You can cancel your Manifesting Membership at any time and to do so, please submit your request to mel@masteringtheartofmanifesting.com.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. If you are on a monthly subscription your payments will automatically process every 30 days. If you are an annual subscriber your payment will automatically process on the anniversary of the date you registered.

Can I upgrade my monthly subscription to an annual subscription?

Absolutely! To do so please submit your request here.

Do I lose access to prior months if I cancel?

If you cancel your membership you will lose access to the Manifesting Membership content.

I am not receiving my Manifesting Membership emails or updates
  • If you have just enrolled in the MTAOM Membership and haven’t received any emails, please check your junk and spam mail folders and make sure sarah@masteringtheartofmanifesting.com is marked as ‘safe’ in your email account
  • If you have done all of the above and still cannot locate your emails or updates, then please contact mel@masteringtheartofmanifesting.com and she will help you

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