Wednesdays at 1pm UK Time

There is currently nothing else

like this on the planet

There is currently nothing else like this on the planet

These sessions are completely unique and utterly leading edge.

Each weekly session is an hour long and includes a powerful money flow energy practice amplified by my Non-Physical Team.

These sessions are gaining more and more power and momentum week on week and now also include Vortex Decluttering, which you cannot access anywhere else on the planet.

This new Ability which I am able to access through my Higher Self Sara, who resides in the Awesome 23rd Dimension, enables me to deactivate fear-labelled requests in your Vortex and prioritise love-labelled ones, enabling you to speed up your money manifesting flow, and indeed the manifestation of any desire that you want to prioritise.

In addition to the practices each week, you also have the opportunity to ask me a question and receive guidance from myself and my Non-Physical Team.

They are for all who:

Are ready to tackle and shift out their deep-rooted money flow resistance PERMANENTLY and at PACE

Want to speed up their money flow

Want to increase their money flow

Are following the Believe releasing process from 5th Dimension Earth and want to prioritise and drive their money focussed releasing

Have reached a money flow ‘expansion ceiling’ and want to break through it

Want to work with the Laws of Desire, Balance, Truth and Attraction to drive their money flow

Want to attune to their Higher Selves more in relation to money flow

Who want to change and then NEVER be the same again with their vibration around money flow

And who want to now RAMP UP their money OVERflow!

It’s time to bring it all in!

Register for practice, plus ask me a question for £19

Register for practice only for £10

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