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Learn The Phenomenally Powerful Money Manifesting Mindset Tools That Within Under One Year, Took Me From A Few Hundred Pounds A Month, To A Multiple Six Figure Annual Income.

Are you ready to do some of the most powerful manifesting mindset work of your life?

  • Are you tired feeling limited by money?
  • Do you manifest money from time to time, but now want to make it consistent, bigger and faster?
  • Are you done with living small when you want to live expansively?
  • Are you ready to uplevel and to take your money manifesting HUGE?\
  • Are you ready to finally step into your power?
  • Are you now ready, once and for all, to let unlimited money and abundance flow into your life?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then now is your time.

Join me on a

4 week money manifesting mindset journey where I will teach and show you everything that I have implemented to generate a multiple six figure income, within just 10 months.

If you are truly committed and 100% determined to clear all of your negative beliefs, patterns and limiting thoughts around money – once and for all – this self study programme is for YOU!

This month-long programme is extraordinarily powerful. This isn’t just about manifesting money as a plaster to compensate for other areas in your life that are lacking, this programme is totally holistic.

You will start feeling happier and more at peace within the first week and it is from that energy point, that you then open yourself up to letting in the prosperity that is your given birthright and that is so deservedly yours.

I will teach you the powerful techniques that I use every day,

that have manifested me a multiple six figure income for the first time ever in my life. This is the beginning of everything you want. You will have these tools to take forward into the rest of your life.

I want to help you to live limitlessly and, if you can master money manifestation, you can then pretty much master any form of manifesting!

What the 4 power-manifesting modules will cover:

  • An introduction to Law of Attraction and manifesting, so that you can understand how it works and begin playing with the universe immediately to invite money in
  • The baseline manifesting tools that I use, including my phenomenally powerful Dream Day Journal Process™, so that you can get the manifesting magic chasing you from the off
  • The methods that I use to take me into fast-track money manifesting flow. The tools that I have developed and work with specifically short-cut the manifesting process
  • How to create an ever expansive money manifesting mindset from here on in
  • The go-to techniques that I use to keep my ego at bay, so that you can keep a positive money mindset and remain a clear channel in order to receive
  • Common misunderstandings and mistakes made – I want you to avoid all of these so that you can fast-track all of your manifestations without having to navigate the common stumbling blocks that most people come up against
  • The baseline tools I have used since I began my business, so that you too can consistently create an ever expanding income and money manifesting flow
  • How to take all of this forward so you can enjoy the delicious, continual flow of money for the rest of your life

C. Griffiths

“In May I signed for the Money Manifesting Mastery Intensive course! At the time I couldn’t afford the fee but thought screw it, what’s another bit of debt!

It’s now the 27th June (the month hasn’t even ended) and I’ve gone from 3 minus bank accounts to three accounts with money in each! Now I’m not talking about £5 or £10 (although I love those amount) im talking about over £3k in one account alone! Nearly £1k in the other and £300+ in the other! I’ve just cried as the post arrived because tomorrow I receive another £1800!

I have followed everything Sarah Morgan has taught me, I’ve had amazing days and I’ve had bubbly energy days!

You must all, do this course I can’t tell you how much everything has changed for me not just money wise! I’ve had money coming into my accounts every single day from all random places! I’ve found money on the floor, I’ve found money on gift cards, I don’t know how it works but it does!

I’ve started working on my dreams and things are progressing rapidly!

Here’s to my wonderful abundant future! I hope you all take the leap of faith and JUMP!!!! I promise you won’t regret it!”

M Cassidy

A Rampage of Appreciation for Sarah Morgan

The universe sent to me an amazing gift
A person who taught me to think without rift
“Money” she said, it’s your absolute right
Manifest it positively and give up the fight
The tools of the trade she taught with grace
To allow me to arrive in this beautiful place!
Imagine it, feel it and you’ll definitely receive it!
I couldn’t be more grateful to this wonderful lady
As now I don’t stress about the bills on pay day
But more than moneyfesting the lesson she taught
Was far greater than anything I have ever bought
So if you’re feeling cautious about anything
Just go out and do what “makes your heart sing”

I know this little ditty may seem a bit cheesy but this past month Sarah has been, inspirational, a teacher, a kind soul, a powerful force and a true friend. As Sarah would say, whatever you are going to do line up the energy first, but if you really want a boost her Moneyfesting group is the best thing I have EVER done!

It will teach you far more than just moneyfesting and equip you with skills that can be transferred into any part of your life! As a result of this your life will be filled with an abundance of happiness. I promise you!

Thank you Sarah for everything.

PS what I have manifested this month I would never have believed at the start of this month!

Denise Martinez Rossini

“Hi Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing manifesting month!

Your Money Manifesting Mastery intensive training was absolutely amazing! I have learned so much, put in into action and the results have just been incredible!

I have these tools for life now and am so grateful to you! I will wholeheartedly recommend you as the go to money manifesting guru! Thank you so much”.

Simone V

“I started working with Sarah about 3 weeks ago, with an initial intro call, and then signed up for her Money Mastery Intensive and I am blown away by how much I have benefited from everything she has taught me and the skills she has equipped me with!

I was really nervous and unsure about finances and my financial state, and had massive blocks that were keeping me from unlocking the abundance that I so rightly deserve.

Sarah has pinpointed these blocks and assisted me in navigating how to get past my blocks and now I have made back what I invested in the coaching, ten-fold! And we are only half way in! I am receiving daily abundance, and financially I feel so much more in control and at ease with where I am, and where I am going!

I cannot recommend her more, absolutely worth it! Not just for Money manifesting, but for anything else too. I have things coming to me now that before we’re just blimps on my radar and it is awesome!”

Claire G

“I’m a week into my Money Manifestation Course and I have tried a few of these courses with no joy! However this course and Sarah have been amazing. This week alone I have manifested £307 in total! I’ve done everything Sarah asked of me and all I can say is this course works!

 I have no idea how and the money has been coming in from multiple places! I feel more fulfilled this week, more focused on my goals in life and I have started to make movement towards my life goals! If I could sign you all up to this course I would!”

This full price of this programme


Are you ready

to embrace the beginning of everything you want?

Are you ready to become limitless with money?

I cannot wait to work with you!

I love you x x x

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You will also get the following FREE bonuses (worth £250), as a part of this programme:

Dream Day Journal - the technique that changed my life and everything for me. This is the essential tool that forms the baseline of all of my coaching, it is a total game changer and true manifesting gold dust!

Learn my unique ten step process which turbo charges manifesting momentum. So many misunderstand how to make a vision board, but once you know how to properly create one they are extraordinary powerful.

My money meditation is magnetic and when practised daily, progressively removes your vibrational resistance so that you can open up the flow of financial abundance that is so deservedly yours.