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October 2018 in the Mastering the Art of Manifesting global tribe, is all about getting your money flow on!

It’s going to be all about delicious alignment, unlimited abundance, endless prosperity and delicious, positive money manifesting flow!

It’s going to be bigger than you thought

It’s going to be faster than you imagined

An it’s going to be more rewarding than you ever dreamed of

The Universe sent me this huge inspired action and clarity whilst I was feeding and nurturing my soul in Nice – and so, as I never question Universal guidance, here we go!

Are you ready to do some of the most powerful manifesting mindset work of your life?

  • Are you tired feeling limited by money?
  • Do you manifest money from time to time, but now want to make it consistent, bigger and faster?
  • Are you done with living small when you want to live expansively?
  • Are you ready to uplevel and to take your money manifesting HUGE?
  • Are you ready to finally step into your power?
  • Are you now ready, once and for all, to let unlimited money and abundance flow into your life?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then now is your time.

Welcome to the October Money Takeover

Are you sitting comfortably?!

October marks 18 months of Mastering the Art of Manifesting and in that time I have mastered money-festing and enjoyed the below:

  • An increase from a few hundred pounds a month to a 6 figure income, in just 6 months.
  • My first 5 figure launch
  • Over £40k worth of sales in one month
  • Over £7k of actual hard cash in one day
  • My first monthly income that equated to annual multiple six figures, in just months
  • Huge discounts and freebies
  • Frequent unexpected money out of the blue
  • Money when I need it, and however much I need
  • Continued increasing passive income
  • Countless client success stories including 1 million euros, 16k, 2k, 9k, and so so so much more
  • Even during my ‘lower’ money-festing months now, I enjoy 3 x as much income as I used to in my full time 12 year London PR career!And the best part? I have ditched logic and I just play, I just have fun and let the Universe guide me!

I no longer have that stomach wrenching and adrenaline fueled fear around money.

If I can master this, after years of panic and spiralling debt, then I promise you my darling that you absolutely can, too.

Money manifesting is today, one of my huge passion points.

Having finally, at the age of 37, mastered money manifesting, I have been working with clients globally since May 2017 to help them too master the art of positive money manifesting mindset and flow.

I spent years feeling frustrated that I could manifest everything BUT my money wants and needs.

I use to have spiralling debt and lived pretty much in a state of stuckness, fear, worry and anxiety. It was highly stressful and affected all other areas of my life including my confidence and, of course my happiness.

I couldn’t ever see a way out. I wasn’t happy in my career but I felt trapped because it was at the time, perceived as well paid and ‘safe’, but it still brought in less money than I needed for my outgoings each month.

So, like 97% of the population, I settled for my lot, fearful of deviating from the 9-5, 40 year ‘saftey net’.

Then in early 2017, I remember saying to a really gorgeous and longstanding friend that if I could just ‘crack’ money manifesting, then I would finally become unstoppable, free and limitless.

A few short weeks later, I had done it and overcome this hurdle! I was finally free and there was finally no stopping me. I will never, ever forget this moment in time.

I cannot tell you the relief I felt. The freedom. The peace, contentment and eager anticipation I finally exuded from every cell of my soul. After years and years of feeling stuck and that there would never be any hope for me, I had finally nailed it and come out through the other side.

And now it is your turn!

You CAN have it all. You CAN have everything you want.

You don’t ever have to settle. It’s never, ever ‘just your lot.’

All the money and abundance that that you seek is all there, ready and waiting. You just need to let the Universe lead you and allow it to all flow in.

Money should feel delicious, fun and full of ease and grace.

Money is one of the main things that clients come to me for, and it is one of the most deeply rooted mindsets that people have. There is so much heavy energy and fear around money, so often.

It triggers so much stress and anxiety. It triggers friction, as I myself have experienced.

But I am proof that you can change this.

Imagine that stress dissipating. Imagine knowing that the Universe will always support you and provide for you.

This is the way I now live. Deep down to my core, I know that money will always come. It cannot be any other way. It is Law. What you believe you receive.

When my ego tries to rear itself, I can disempower it.

Believe you are safe, believe you are provided for, believe money will always be yours, and so it shall be.

The tools and insights that I will share through the three ways you can work with me during the October Money Takeover, will short cut you into that believing state.

They will simplify and demystify money manifesting for you and form a launchpad into the rest of your life

Money manifesting no longer needs to feel out of reach. You can now grab it with both hands

We can all receive, with ease and grace, the abundance that we desire. The is no lack. There are no limits. This may, at this point, feel hard to comprehend and believe, but it is true. The Law of Attraction unfailingly dictates this.

If you are ready to Master the Art of Money-festing, then I want you to know that if I can do this, then you absolutely can too. My ego (mindset) is undoubtedly one of the toughest, most stubborn out there!! If I can overcome this then you also can.

I am here to challenge outdated thinking.

I am here to help YOU darling, to live limitlessly. To know that you are never alone. To know that the roadmap is never YOUR responsibility. To know that the Universe is always leading and guiding you. You only have to ask and then let the Universe decide upon and show you the best and most delicious way to manifest all of your financial desires.

When you work with me, all areas of your life will move.

I don’t teach you how to manifest money to be happy. That is the hard and long winded way.
I teach you how to feel happy now, and from that place the prosperity that is so deservedly yours will easily flow.

So, my darling,

are you ready to join in the October Money Takeover?

this is the last chance to work with me on money manifesting this year

Manifest Mastermind Page Header Logo NEW

brand new module added
5 weeks
5 modules

high-energy private facebook support group where you can ask questions and where I will support you

  • My brand new Money Manifesting Meditation Bundle – value £117
  • Free access into my first ever money focused Dream Day Journal Inner Circle
    (due to run in either November or December 2018 – value £147) – providing you further ongoing support once this course is complete
  •  Kick-start Tutorial Bundle – value £47

David Hall

“I’ve launched a new business, I’m moving to live in another country in a few weeks and I’ve received over £17,000 that I wasn’t expecting – and I’m only getting started.

This is about more than the money though. I’m now more confident, less stressed and happier than I have been for many years, and for that alone it was worth every penny.”

C. Griffiths

“In May I signed for the Money Manifesting Mastery course! At the time I couldn’t afford the fee but thought screw it, what’s another bit of debt!
It’s now the 27th June (the month hasn’t even ended) and I’ve gone from 3 minus bank accounts to three accounts with money in each! Now I’m not talking about £5 or £10 (although I love those amount) im talking about over £3k in one account alone! Nearly £1k in the other and £300+ in the other! I’ve just cried as the post arrived because tomorrow I receive another £1800!

I have followed everything Sarah  has taught me, I’ve had amazing days and I’ve had bubbly energy days!

You must all, do this course I can’t tell you how much everything has changed for me not just money wise! I’ve had money coming into my accounts every single day from all random places! I’ve found money on the floor, I’ve found money on gift cards, I don’t know how it works but it does!

I’ve started working on my dreams and things are progressing rapidly!

Here’s to my wonderful abundant future!

G. Buxton, UK

“After just ONE FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with Sarah I managed to manifest £5000 which I NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE if I hadn’t spoken to her! It was something so simple which she helped me to gain perspective, focus and confidence on… and one phone call later? £5000 in the bank!”

So, Are you ready to join me on this life shifting adventure?

I cannot wait to empower you to unleash your money flow next month.

I love you xxx