As most of you already know, I am deepening my practise and moving beyond Mastering the Art of Manifesting, to Mastering the Art of Allowing.

And it is beyond delicious!

Every day I prioritise vortexyness and do what feels delicious and makes my heart sing, and then revel in the Universe bringing all of the cooperative components to me.

My ego used to try and make me feel ‘lazy’ and counterproductive to do this.

But I have trained myself to ignore it.

Alignment is the short cut to everything. It’s the easiest and fastest way to manifest everything.

It’s ALL about being and staying in receptive flow.

I have never worked as little and been so abundant.

I have done the least work in the last few weeks and yet have manifested huge income and amazing magical ‘miracles’ and happenings coming into my experience: including my book flying to number 14 and ahead of the Dalai Lama’s in its Amazon category, and people I have never met contacting me ‘out of the blue’ and asking me to speak on radio. All the components are flying towards me as I prioritise basking in vortexyness.

This is the very definition of letting the Universe fill in your grid.

I love you beyond words x x x

I am insatiably passionate about demystifying the Law of Attraction and it is my vision to help millions globally to live on purpose, from a place of alignment, joy, and passion. When you know how to consciously leverage Law of Attraction and you have mastered the art of manifesting, you are literally limitless.

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It may surprise you to know that I am not a natural manifester, and that I have had to self study for years to sift through, find and even create tools and processes that are simple yet phenomenally powerful. The way I work and coach is very different and my techniques will fast-track you easily into positive manifesting flow.

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