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Hello my darling,

I am so, so excited to offer these brand new intensive, 90 minute and bespoke manifesting roadmap sessions.

Ahead of our private 1-2-1 video call, you will receive a detailed questionnaire that will enable me to get a deep insight into you, your life and your manifesting desires and visions.

Then ahead of our call I will create a bespoke manifesting roadmap for you – a step by step plan for you to follow that will enable you to ingrain the positive manifesting flow within you. This will be tailored specifically to you, to fit into and amplify your life.

This roadmap will also include a personalised Mastering the Art of Manifesting toolkit, specifically adapted to your individual manifesting personality.

In addition to all of this you will receive my Kick-Start Fast-Track manifesting tutorial bundle (value £129), access to my Beginners Manifesting Mastery self-study course (value £495) and also my Money Manifesting Mindset Mastery self-study course (value £595).

To leap forward, please select your preferred payment option below and then either myself or my assistant will contact you to arrange the session. We will also send you your in-depth questionnaire which will immediately begin your manifesting transformation.

I am so excited to work with you and to help you to Master the Art of Manifesting.

With so much love,
Sarah x x x

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