Unleashing Your Extraordinary

What I have learnt through my own journey and the journey of those I have coached to date – is that if your soul calls you to change the world, to bring light into it and to cause a huge positive impact – this isn’t delusional, this is precisely your purpose.

If you feel deep down in your soul that you are here to change things in an enormous way for the better, then you are. Do not doubt yourself, my darling, because it’s very likely that what is going to manifest is even bigger than you’re even daring to imagine right now….It’s very likely that what is coming for you is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. 

Work at your vibrational alignment, follow the Universal breadcrumb trail, harness Law of Attraction to the maximum and get ready for the mammoth magic that will unfold – for you my darling, are way more powerful that you can even fathom. I love you.”

Sarah x x x 

My private coaching is exclusively for those who want to unleash their extraordinary and become the limitless and powerful creators that they were born to be.

One of my gifts is being able to read what is in your Vortex and then guiding you to unlock it – rapidly and on a huge scale, by harnessing and maximising the unparalled force of Law of Attraction.

I work with my incredible Higher Self, Sara, who brings forth huge guidance for my private clients as together we help them shift into the truly limitless versions of themselves – which, incidentally, is always SO MUCH bigger than they ever initially dare to imagine.

My private coaching is especially for those who are wanting to be right out here with me, at the leading edge of the leading edge.

If you would like to explore working with me then please contact me personally at sarah@masteringtheartofmanifesting.com

Katie Helliwwell, Spirits and White Feathers

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Sarah. In 2017 I had a connection call with Sarah, I was told by Spirit to speak to her and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say.

On the call, out of nowhere I burst into tears. I wasn’t sad or expecting it!! She asked what was wrong and out I said “I’m so frightened I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing”

Sarah listened guided me and saved me that day and for that I will always be grateful. I was drifting along in life ignoring that niggle that something better was round the corner. I had the mindset work hard play hard. It was all such rubbish!!

Sarah has taught me a new way of thinking, she has uncovered my true calling and thanks to Sarah and her techniques I have manifested more money in 6 months than I have ever earned previously (slogging my guts out).

I love you Sarah xxxxxxxx

Olivia Ocana, Guided Healing Zone

Sarah’s Mastermind came just at the perfect time from me, how very Law of Attraction!

With Sarah’s incredible coaching I was able to take a huge leap with starting my own business. Sarah‘s guidance, tool sets and ultimate support were the three things that proved invaluable for me in order to move forward.

She helped me navigate through the challenging early start of my business, which for anybody who has done this knows just how your own belief systems and limitations pop-up.

Sarah was able to guide me through and help me understand that that was all it was. Sarah was also able to challenge me in a very loving way to make sure I delivered on my own commitments to myself. Don’t hold back, let Sarah take you by the hand and help you move forward and fast!

Candice and Tesha Matthew, LOA Twins

Since working with Sarah’s our lives have changed.

At the time we both really wanted to start our online coaching business but said we couldn’t afford it!

The truth is we could and once committing to the program we have manifested the cost of the course and a whole lot more! Sarah is the most nurturing and supportive person you could ever meet!

Everything she does comes from a place of love. Her inner guidance is her magic power and she always knows exactly how to help, including the ups and downs she is always there!

Words can’t explain how much working with Sarah has changed our lives and we would definitely recommend her to anybody who is ready to manifest their dreams, Sarah will empower you to achieve it all, with her constant reminders that you are ‘limitless’.

Sarah is an inspiration and we will never forget everything she has done for us!

Love & Sparkles



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