Unleashing Your Extraordinary

What I have learnt through my own journey and the journey of those I have coached to date – is that if your soul calls you to change the world, to bring light into it and to cause a huge positive impact – this isn’t delusional, this is precisely your purpose.

If you feel deep down in your soul that you are here to change things in an enormous way for the better, then you are. Do not doubt yourself, my darling, because it’s very likely that what is going to manifest is even bigger than you’re even daring to imagine right now….It’s very likely that what is coming for you is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. 

Work at your vibrational alignment, follow the Universal breadcrumb trail, harness Law of Attraction to the maximum and get ready for the mammoth magic that will unfold – for you my darling, are way more powerful that you can even fathom. I love you.”

Sarah x x x 

My private coaching is exclusively for those who want to unleash their extraordinary and become the limitless and powerful creators that they were born to be.

One of my abilities is being able to read what is in your Vortex

And then guiding you to unlock it – rapidly and on a huge scale, by harnessing and maximising the unparalleled force of Law of Attraction.
I work with my incredible Higher Self, Sara and my Broader Non-Physical Team who bring forth Leading Edge guidance for my private clients as together we help them shift into the truly limitless versions of themselves – which, incidentally, is always SO MUCH bigger than they ever initially dare to imagine.
My private coaching is especially for those who are wanting to be right out here with me, at the leading edge of the leading edge.

I also now offer private 121 support for those that want to truly Awaken using the Leading Edge Believe Releasing Process from 5th Dimension Earth.

If you know deep down that you are here to live a bigger life, that there is more to this incredible Universe and Multiverse than meets the eye, that there is so much more inside of you to be unleashed, then please feel free to email me at sarah@masteringtheartofmanifesting.com

Olivia Ocaña

With Sarah’s incredible coaching I was able to take a huge leap with starting my own business. Sarah‘s guidance, tool sets and ultimate support were the three things that proved invaluable for me in order to move forward.

She helped me navigate through the challenging early start of my business, which for anybody who has done this knows just how your own belief systems and limitations pop-up.

Sarah was able to guide me through and help me understand that that was all it was. Sarah was also able to challenge me in a very loving way to make sure I delivered on my own commitments to myself. For anyone who is looking for a true coach to help you take a big leap forward, she is absolutely for you.

I was lucky to be part of a group who I now call my friends and our group and the bond that we created I think will last for a very long time in the future. Don’t hold back, let Sarah take you by the hand and help you move forward and fast!

LOA Twins

Since working with Sarah’s our lives have changed.

At the time we both really wanted to start our online coaching business but said we couldn’t afford it!

The truth is we could and once committing to the program we have manifested the cost of the course and a whole lot more! Sarah is the most nurturing and supportive person you could ever meet!

Everything she does comes from a place of love. Her inner guidance is her magic power and she always knows exactly how to help, including the ups and downs she is always there!

Words can’t explain how much working with Sarah has changed our lives and we would definitely recommend her to anybody who is ready to manifest their dreams, Sarah will empower you to achieve it all, with her constant reminders that you are ‘limitless’.

Sarah is an inspiration and we will never forget everything she has done for us

Love & Sparkles

Katie Helliwell

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Sarah. In 2017 I had a connection call with Sarah, I was told by Spirit to speak to her and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say.

On the call, out of nowhere I burst into tears. I wasn’t sad or expecting it!! She asked what was wrong and out I said “I’m so frightened I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing”

Sarah listened guided me and saved me that day and for that I will always be grateful. I was drifting along in life ignoring that niggle that something better was round the corner. I had the mindset work hard play hard. It was all such rubbish!!

Sarah has taught me a new way of thinking, she has uncovered my true calling and thanks to Sarah and her techniques I have manifested more money in 6 months than I have ever earned previously (slogging my guts out).

I love you Sarah xxxxxxxx

Beth Turner

As a busy business woman and Mum, time is a very precious commodity to me and therefore I am always very careful about who I spend it with and how I spend it.

In early 2018 I was in a place of knowing in my heart that I wanted my future business growth and personal success and fulfilment to come as a result of leveraging the Law of Attraction and I was eager to learn how to manifest the life I dreamt of to be sure I left a legacy.

I understood only the bare bones of Universal Laws, Manifesting, Meditation and Inspired Actions….what I was looking for was to find someone who could de-mystify these things for me in such a way that I could understand and action them every day to live my life to the fullest and deliver on my purpose.

…and suddenly there was Sarah!

Straight-talking, down to earth, honest, vulnerable, passionate, real, happy and fulfilled, using these tools every day to live her best life. I didn’t want someone with countless certificates and qualifications, or someone artificially polished landing me a sales pitch full of empty promises.  I wanted someone who would work with me in a small group, providing me with an intimate environment where I could be straight-talking, honest and vulnerable on my journey through what felt like a whole new world to me at that time.

And that’s exactly what I got.

A gifted coach, mentor and now a cherished friend, who gave me tools, techniques and exercises that helped me to quieten the noise and judgement around who I thought I ought to be, to find the person I had always wanted to find and become.

The only thing I regret about investing in Sarah is that it had to come to an end; but those weeks changed me. They changed me for the better; my business, my financial situation, my personality, my habits and my happiness.  I just wish I’d found Sarah 10 years ago, but will be forever grateful that I have found her now….and I believe you will feel exactly the same once you’ve experienced working with her.

Tanya Taylor

 Thank you Sarah, for the massive impact you have had on my life!

There are not enough words to describe what has happened to me in a year since finding you.

It has been the most magical experience learning from you.

You make LOA so easy to implement that even after 12 years of understanding it, when you came along it was as if I had been given this magic wand for life!

Your tools are used daily in my home and I want to thank you for not only making my life magical but for me being able to pass this magic on to my beautiful family and so many other beautiful souls too.

I now live a life that I absolutely adore and I now truly understand that we are all limitless.

Working with Sarah is like having a bestie that will love and inspire you with every step that you take!

She makes you believe in your dreams again, better than that, when you follow her advice, you SEE your dreams coming true!!!!!

Thank you a million times over Sarah for the incredible person that you are and all that you do for so many of us.

Anastasia Gerali

My experience working with Sarah is one of serendipity and wonder. I will try my best to describe how life changing it was.

When I first connected with Sarah at an event, something about her resonated with me. I hadn't worked with a coach before but was deeply interested in personal development as I had experienced much pain and struggle in my life in recent years. I was searching for answers, and searching for a way to 'make life easier' because everything felt like hard work at the time. The initial investment was scary for me because I didn't have the money, and I didn't have a steady income that I could budget with. I didn't trust myself to make the money back based on my track record. I didn't trust myself to see results, but something inside me did trust Sarah. She held a space for me to feel safe, and I knew that I needed something to change drastically in order for my life to change drastically. I was at my rock bottom, so the only way was up. I decided this was the direction to go.

I opted to pay in instalments and completely committed to showing up for myself every week and do the work. Whenever the fear or doubt crept in, I reached out to Sarah. She was my lighthouse during a transformative period of my life. I thank God for that chance meeting, which has completely changed the way I feel, the way my life looks and the way others see me. Sarah did show me an easier way to live. Sarah helped teach me the tools that eased my soul and mind and helped me find my Universe-led path. I trust myself more than ever, I trust that I am guided, supported and loved unconditionally. Working with Sarah helped me find my purpose, to help other women heal and realign their life with ease. What started as an investment in myself has turned into an investment in my purpose, in other people, because my clients, friends and family benefit from me uncovering my gifts. Thank you Sarah for showing me the way. I love you!

Karen Miller

When I first came across Sarah something about her made me think I needed to work with her. I could feel her energy, her passion, her kind heart and soul. Once I had made the decision, I was so excited in the knowing that she was going to change my life.

Working with Sarah was like having a sister I never knew I needed. She was there to support me through each step of my business. If ever I was struggling she lovingly guided me back to balance.

Sarah has her own unique way of making you feel so good, so powerful and so very special. When I started to work with Sarah I thought she was going to tell me how to run my business and how to be who I thought I needed to be to make it work. But as time went on I realised what she was doing was so much bigger then that. She made me realise what was really going on, she helped me to dig deep and do the inner work I needed to believe I could do it myself.

I have shifted so much since finishing with Sarah, my friends have noticed it as well. She has taught me about my own power and encouraged a confidence in me I didn’t even know was there. She saw the real true me and I’m so grateful for what she has given me as the knowledge I have now I will take into the rest of my life, my friends lives as well as my children’s.

I’m now confident I can make a success of my business and I’m seeing that now. Sarah helped me in ways I never expected but it’s helped me to reach my potential and raise my vibration at the same time. Without Sarah I would have worked really hard, too hard, beaten myself up for not having instant success, given up and never realised my dream. Sarah has given me the tools to work smarter not harder and to follow the fun in every moment and from that everything else will come.
I’ve also learnt so much about why I feel the way I feel and how to change this. My everyday life is so different now I understand how my reactions to things are the cause, the ability to see this really opens your eyes to a whole new world that’s much easier to live in.

Thank you Sarah for bringing out the truth of me, connecting me to the wonders of the universe and all that is great about life again. If you’re wondering about whether or not to take the plunge DO IT because you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from investing in yourself and your soul purpose and potential.

 Theresa Cariño

I can tell you that the energy that Sarah projects through her posts, FB live, etc is all REAL!  I met her in person and have seen and felt first-hand her pure positive energy and light!  It really is magic!

Sarah is the real deal.  Authentic, openhearted and so knowledgeable of the ins and outs of LOA.  She makes it easy even for those of us who are new to LOA and the art of manifesting.

The thing I really love about her is that she has the innate ability to see people for who they truly are at the very core, or as she says one’s “inner being”.

It’s how she is able to help people harness what they already know to be true, what they already want to manifest from the deepest, truest part of themselves.

When I met Sarah I didn’t know anything about the Law of Attraction but she has a gift for breaking down LOA in such a relatable and easy to understand way.
Working with her was life changing.  The intimate group format and support helped me dive deeper into LOA and work through some areas where I had felt “stuck” or sort or unsure.

When I doubted, she reassured and reminded.  When I lost focus, she gently nudged me back toward my true purpose.  She offers insight and tangible, everyday tools to help you get to the next level in your manifesting goals.

Natalie Day

Within the last 18 months my life has completely changed. The beginning of that year I felt lost, overwhelmed, stressed, confused due to a number of personal related circumstances, the most significant being a marriage break up.

Sarah spoke with me about her course and at the time I said that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I didn’t have the money to invest.

Continuing to spiral in these emotions I contacted Sarah and said that I wanted to sign up and invested money that I was trying to save.

Well I have to say it was the best decision and investment I made! Working with her was a game changer for me and helped me to diminish those feelings and have a more positive outlook on life. Through this course I understood further how to apply the Law of Attraction to change the outcome of what I was experiencing and the tools that Sarah taught are invaluable.

Sarah was there every step of the way, I felt supported, safe, guided and uplifted, the intimate group interaction was also extremely beneficial.

I can’t thank Sarah enough for allowing me the opportunity to work with her, I am so glad that I took that leap and this has lead to amazing tangible manifestations and an outlook on life and an attitude that I struggled to have before.

Veronica Roberts

Hello everyone, I have to say I love Sarah Morgan. Sarah is both a gorgeous lady and one fantastic coach.

I quickly made a ‘leap’ and joined Sarah’s programme. I hadn’t known Sarah very long. I was looking through her timeline and I caught one of Sarah’s live posts, on Facebook. She was out and about walking with her dog, and spoke so genuinely and truthfully. Her honesty shone through and I knew this was a person I could trust. To me it was a breath of fresh air.

We had an initial chat. I wanted to uplevel. Sarah could help. The following day I was working with her. OK, so what can you expect? As I said, honesty. Sarah was upfront about what works, where I stood and what was needed from me.

Simplicity. I loved this, Sarah offered me tools and techniques that were quick to implement, easy to follow and delivered results. And that’s the big one, results. Yes I had my part to play, but quite honestly, Sarah was like my personal cheerleaders group.

When you are learning anything for the first time and you get that wobble of, I’m not sure what I’m doing – Sarah stepped up to the mark with excellent guiding and super encouraging style.
You knew she wanted this for you, as much as you wanted it for yourself. I have created an amazing, happy life, fantastic improved relationships and financial abundance – thank you Sarah Morgan x

David Hall

Sarah’s course was nothing short of amazing. Not only did Sarah share everything she knows about the Law of Attraction and manifesting but she also guided and coached me through the ups and downs that I encountered along the way.

As a direct result of working with her I’ve launched a new business, I’m moving to live in another country in a few weeks and I’ve received over £17,000 that I wasn’t expecting – and I’m only getting started.

This is about more than the money though. I’m now more confident, less stressed and happier than I have been for many years, and for that alone it was worth every penny.

Karen Molony

I joined Sarah’s inaugural Mastermind group after the universe delivered my request for a coach. I had been following Sarah for a while and one of her videos about ego really hit a nerve. I went on a 2 week holiday deciding on my return I needed a coach to help me ‘get out of my head’, so cool, I just put that thought out there. Just before my holiday finished Sarah announced her Mastermind group and I knew this was an inspired message I needed to follow.

The first month with Sarah was mind blowing, I achieved all my goals and felt in full alignment. Of course my ego kicked in and did everything it could to derail me however Sarah was always there to support me as I navigated this. In reality, it is the support in the contrast that you really want, and Sarah is a genius at helping you with this.

The course has been life changing, I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah, and her amazing tools, she has absolutely found her purpose in life.
Sarah, I am grateful for having had you come into my life, it is absolutely divine intention that we met. I appreciate everything you do, and continue to do, and know that we will remain in contact for a long time.

Kate Page

My love for Sarah and her dedication to all of us is immeasurable. To be able to witness her actual Awakening and receive the guidance of this truly gifted coach is priceless. Sarah pours every ounce of herself into everyone she works with. Her continued expansion only provides more gifts and abilities to assist us on our own journey. It has been such a blessing to have Sarah by my side as I continue to expand.

Piccia Neri

Working with Sarah Morgan has played a huge role in turning my life around, in more ways than one. Sarah leads you on a path of transformation that gets results very similar to those that you’d get working with the best psychotherapist and financial advisor combined. Think this is wo-woo? I used to, but not anymore. This is all backed by neuroscience and quantum physics and by the sheer reality of my transformed bank account and general happiness. I can’t wait to see where I will get over the years through our continued work together. The weekly money flow amplification sessions are the highlight of my week. I stand in never-ending awe and appreciation of all that Sarah does to improve the lives of her fellow human beings. She’s our every own Esther and I feel extremely privileged to have her in my life.

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