A Leading Edge movement, a collective focus and the Bringing Together Of The Most Powerful Deliberate Creators On The Planet

The Shine The Light Project Is Something Totally New

This isn’t an Academy, it isn’t a Mastermind, it isn’t a Law of Attraction course. The Shine Your Light Project surpasses all of the above. Rather, it is a new powerful Leading Edge and utterly unique membership to bring together all in the Mastering The Art Of Manifesting tribe who want to boldly and fearlessly shine their light, and who want to evoke and inspire change that eliminates fear and instead spreads love and hope across the planet.

Putting far more positive content out into the world has always been a deep passion and a bigger, broader vision of mine. So has helping others to do the same, for I know that every single person has a powerful purpose to lift and inspire in their own unique and precious way.

I have always championed people following their passions and guidance from their Higher Self (and now also their Broader Non Physical Team), providing them with a safe space and the support in which to flourish in this Leading Edge way.

Today, right here and right now, we are in a time where shining our light has never been more important. 

Although many don’t realise it we are more abundant than ever in opportunity and influence at this time, and so it’s with this understanding that I have been guided to create something totally new – The Shine Your Light Project.
Whether you are a dancer, a song writer, fashion designer, teacher, coach, healer, doctor – whatever you do and whatever your passion is – it is time to fearlessly throw your energy out across the planet in a way that you have never done before.
This is the vision behind The Shine Your Light Project.
It is a bringing together of those that want to build focus and momentum alongside one another over the coming 12 months and it is open to anyone who chooses to be a part of it.
Whether you are already working in your passion, whether you are doing it in your spare time, or whether you aren’t even sure what your passion is yet but you know you are here to shine your light brightly and are ready to do so now, know that this has been created for you.

My Non Physical Team and I are here to help and guide you over the coming year alongside other incredible souls with inspiration, encouragement, love, guidance and expertise.

The Shine Your Light Project is for you if you know that now is the time to override fear, to move beyond it, away from it, and to use this time to come together, focus and shine brightly with other Leading Edge Deliberate Creators.


This isn’t a time to dim your light, it’s a time to illuminate it out across the planet, Universe & Multiverse.

The Shine Your Light Project is an utterly unique Membership. A Leading Edge movement. A collective focus. An exciting and dynamic community of the most powerful Deliberate Creators on the planet.

It is a space for all who are a part of it to come together, to continue to build aligned momentum despite of what is happening around us, to network, to feel physical support and love around you, to discuss ideas and even perhaps cross collaborate with others.

It is for all who want to lead at the Leading Edge. Who want to contribute right at the very forefront of our evolution into 5th Dimension Living. It will be a positive, uplifting and focussed space where Sara, my Broader Non Physical Team and I, will lovingly support you as you continue to expand and evolve into All That You Are.

Because really and truly, stepping into All That You Are can be challenging at times and so we are here to love you, to encourage you, to support you, to cheerlead you and to continue to inspire the excitement and fun as we all rise and expand together!


The Shine Your Light Project Membership Includes:

A year of of dedicated focus and support, commencing April 2020 and running through to March 2021.

Monthly Shine Your Light group Power Sessions held via Zoom, hosted by myself, Sara and my Broader Non Physical Team for inspiration. We will help everyone collectively and individually to build their momentum as we all expand and rise together. We will bring guidance, expertise and support for you, wherever you are in your journey.

The monthly sessions will act as powerful ‘feel’ tanks and will take place on the second Tuesday morning of every month, starting Tuesday 7 April 9am – midday BST. Replays will be available for all within the Project if they can’t join live and/or they want to keep them to refer back to.

Leading Edge guest speakers whose expertise I hugely respect and admire will brought in, to help you with a variety of aspects and topics such as messaging, money management and flow, amplifying social media and so much more…

You will also be part of a private facebook community, exclusive to The Shine Your Light Project members. This will be a space for all to maintain and share focus and momentum between the monthly Power Sessions.

Invalueable access throughout the Project to practical guidance and support from my incredible Accountant, and also Business Specialist, Georgia Benedetto.

Limitless access to my most popular self study courses throughout the Project’s duration, to also support you. (Value £1,475)

Beginners Manifesting Mastery
Money Manifesting Mindset Mastery
Beyond The Art Of Manifesting
Higher Self Connection
Money Flow Amplification

Access to an exclusive 10% discount for my Power Hours and 1-2-1 and 1-2-1 Awakening Support packages, should you at any time desire even closer support from me.

I also aim for us to meet up twice throughout the year for an afternoon/evening in London, for all who want to physically meet others within the Project in a relaxed, informal and fun setting.*

So my darling, are you ready to shine your light?

If you would like to be a part of The Shine Your Light Project, then you can join through either of the preferred payment option below.

Once we have received your payment, you will be contacted within 48 hours with a link to the private facebook group which will form the central hub for this brining together of Leading Edge Deliberate Creators.

Please note that the deadline to join The Shine Your Light Project is midnight BST on Monday 6th April 2020.

And if you have any questions please contact me.

* Because I have aimed to keep the cost of the Shine Your Light Project as affordable and as accessible to as many as possible, the cost of the physical get togethers will not be included in the above prices, but I will aim to keep these as affordable as I can for everyone, and of course these are optional.

we are so unbelievably excited for this and so, it is with so much endless love that we cannot wait to welcome you into the Shine Your Light Project.

Sarah, Sara and Team x

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