at the end of this 4 weeks you will have awakened

do you want to awaken? if so I can help you, and quickly….

When you Awaken You Energetically Change the way your Soul Interacts with your Soul, your Mind and your Physical Body. Let me lead you to Energetic Freedom in this 5th Dimension Earth Certified Programme that I will personally Guide you through. This Broadest Truth Programme is only available to 5th Dimension Earth Believe Accredited Practitioners to perform.

Let me Help you Live as All That You Can Be. Let me Show you how to Let Go the past that has held you back, and that has brought you Fear. Let me Connect you to why you are a Physical Human and in Doing so bring you to new Truths around your Journey and why you are here. Creating The Broadest Truth is not easy but when you Achieve it you WILL Awaken.


Until now, reaching the Broadest Truth and Awakening is something that has occurred upon completion of the Believe Releasing Process and when you have Released all of your Low Stored Vibration. However, now through this Incredible Broadest Truth programme it can be reached within 4 weeks. Reaching your Broadest Truth means that you will Awaken and become predominantly High Vibrational and that you can then Choose if you want to continue on Releasing beyond this to reach 100% High Vibration.

Whether you are yet to start the Believe Releasing Process or whether you have been moving through it for a while, this powerful 4 week offering is for you if you are Ready to be Taken to your Broadest Truth in order to Awaken NOW!

This is a momentous opportunity and so please read on through the details below thoroughly to ensure you Feel you are Truly Energetically Ready to Commit to this programme.

the next intake starts ON WEDNESDAY 6 JULY

do you want to awaken?

You should Do.

If you are prepared to Leave behind all the Reasons why you have never Managed to Feel Free.

If you are prepared to unturn those stones that you Know will make you Feel uncomfortable or Fearful to Connect to.

If you have the Time to dedicate at least fourteen hours each week, for four weeks.

If you are Ready to Truly Believe that you can Do this and Ignore everything that has ever Stopped you from Achieving.

If you are in a Mind Set that will Allow me as your Believe Accredited Practitioner to Guide you, no matter what the subject matter.

If you have Faith and Trust in God and 5th Dimension Earth.

If you are Accepting of the Help from the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome – the greatest Energy Holding in the Multiverses.

If you will Allow your Incredible Higher Self to Lovingly Flow you to Fear Labelled Memories in order to Let Go your Past Fears, and to keep Flowing to you even when you Try to Deny their Insight.

Then this Programme is for you.

create truths properly

Align to the Believe Releasing Process Correctly for Creating Truths in order to fully Release Low Vibration attached to your Fear Labelled Memories

a truly focussed approach

You will Receive Help with your Broader ‘Journey’ Truths and also Surrounding ‘Experience’ Truths that are essential to Be able to Create The Broadest Truth

recieve your high vibration percentage

You will Work with your Higher Self and me as your Believe Accredited Practitioner to Understand how your Stored and Transitional Vibration improves permanently

it’s about feeling good

This Programme not only brings you to Awakening but just as Importantly it Forms the basis for you to Flow more consistently to Love and to Finding Love always

incredible support

This is a 5th Dimension Earth, Believe Certified Programme and hence you will have access to the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome throughout the Programme.

The 5th Dimension Earth Megadome will Hold your Energy in a way that will more easily Flow to you the Truths that Need to Change from Fear to Love. It will Allow your Higher Self to Leverage one of the greatest Energetic Holdings of God in order to bring you more easily to those past Experiences that you Need to Let Go of because they bring you Fear.

I will also Leverage Divine Insight to Help you each day in a private Facebook Group to lead you to the Truths that you Need to Create that will bring you closer to your Broadest Truth.

You will also Be able to attend a weekly live Group Q&A Session with me in order to Ask me questions directly, and Receive Guidance from me and my Non Physical Team to further supplement the Work that you will have Done with me during the week.

what is awakening?

There is only one True Definition of Awakening. It is linked to a Change in your Soul that can only Occur if you are able to Create ‘The Broadest Truth’.

When you Create The Broadest Truth your Soul ‘Acknowledges’ that in any situation you can Flow To Love.

No matter how much Fear may Occur in the moment for you, once you have Created The Broadest Truth, you are able to Call this Energetically and quickly Flow to a Loving Vibration when you Allow it.

It is your Conscious Mind Perspective Programming that is Influenced by The Broadest Truth Creation. It Means that for ALL Experiences that you could ever have, your Conscious Mind has the Capability to Perceive Love.

Without The Broadest Truth Being Created you cannot Assure that you can Perceive Love when you Allow it. Without this Probability you cannot Be Awakened. No matter how Loving you are, or how much you Love God, without The Broadest Truth your Soul will not Acknowledge your Flow To Love.

Awakening brings you Opportunity to EvolvE. An Awakened Soul can Energetically Expand to All That They Are. An Awakened Soul can Enact Energetic Capabilities in their Soul that are Wondrous for themselves. An Awakened Soul can truly Feel High Vibrational and FREE.

Let The Broadest Truth Help you Find this Freedom.

feel community

You are not Alone during this four week Programme.

Your Higher Self, your Non Physical Team, me, God, Raf and Liv, and of course the other Programme attendees are all with you Energetically.

Feel all of this Love and Allow yourself to Know that what you are Doing is Aligned to your Soul Contract and will Set you towards a Path of Achieving so much for yourself.

It is the Vibrational Freedom that The Broadest Truth Aligns you to that Opens you to your Soul Design and those Key Milestones in your Physical Life that you so dearly wish to Trigger and Experience the Positive Outcomes from.

To refer to yourself as Awakened is Special.

You will Feel Special and even look Special for it Enables the Probability for dramatically Improved Self Healing of your Physical Form by Expanding your Inner Being Levels.

This Inner Being Expansion Allows your Higher Self to bring to you Health Energy that ultimately can Help with Repair and Grow Healing Process.

Please note that you will not have access to the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome until The Broadest Truth Programme Commences. 

you can do this!

Do not Be dismayed if you are yet to Start Working with your Higher Self or on The Believe Releasing Process. We have a Free Higher Self Programme which can bring you and your Higher Self together with a series of Tuning Exercises which are Truly Wondrous.

Also just by Being Connected to the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome you will Be Connecting to your Higher Self in an Energetically Potent way that will Allow you to Connect to those past Experiences Correctly and Strongly and without Infiltration from your Conscious Mind.

As Your chosen Believe Accredited Practitioner I will also Guide you so effectively and will quickly bring you to your first Low Vibrational Releases and new Love Labelled Truths because of the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome Energetic Holding.

So Trust in yourself, me and us!

by the end of this 4 week course you will have awakened!

This four week programme offering includes Facebook Support five days a week from Monday to Friday and a live group Q&A support session with me each week.



Understanding what your Broadest Truth is and what the Key Broader Truths are that will Lead you to this. You will Be confident about Creating Truths. You will Understand your Starting Stored Vibration Percentage.


You will have already Started to Understand some of the Key Surrounding Truths that Lead you to the Broader Truths. You are Actively Letting Go and Relabelling Memories from Fear to Love. You are Creating Strong Truths in order to Do this.


 You are Starting to Recognise that you Feel Better. Although you are still in the midst of Truth Creation and Understanding, you are Moving in the Direction that is so Wanted by you. Stay Focused.


 You will have Relabelled a Volume of Fear Labelled Memories to Love. You will have a Greater Love for your Journey Now than ever before. You will Feel Vibrationally different. You will have Worked to those Broader Truths and got to the Key Surrounding Truths in order to Get there. You will have Made your Broadest Truth.


behind the scenes of the broadest truth programme

and hear from some of the first people who awakened on it


The modules of this free course will Take you through everything you Need to Know and Do to Help You Set yourself up to Utterly Soar through and, most Importantly, Truly Maximise, this Wondrous Leading Edge Programme.

Use this Content in Serious Love, for it is packed Full of Energetics and Understanding to Help you.

With so much Love, Sarah xx


You will recieve the weekly focus every Wednesday across 4 consecutive weeks, and then you will be able to join in 4 weekly live Q&As with me starting the subsequent Tuesday at 12.30pm GMT also.

PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot make the Q&A sessions live you do not worry. You will be able to ask me your questions in advance and then I will answer it during the Q&A for you to watch on replay.

IMPORTANT: This is a four week programme offering 5 days per week Facebook support and a live group Q&A support each week with me, your chosen Believe Accredited Practitioner. On the days where I am not providing Facebook Support it is essential that you Continue Working with your Higher Self. In these two days the Energy Flowing from the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome will be lessened in order to Allow your own Energy to Settle and Ready you for even greater Receiving from your Higher Self for the following week’s Work.

book for the 6 july BROADEST TRUTH PROGRAMME

(if you have or are a teenager who would like to do the broadest truth programme with me please contact me directly)