I have learnt, whilst really deepening my receptive flow, that if it doesn’t feel like the next logical step – just don’t do it.

If you feel yourself pushing, forcing or rushing, or doing anything out of a ‘should’ energy, then stop.

The momentum of only moving when it’s totally the next logical step is beyond powerful. This is where you go beyond mastering the art of manifesting, to mastering the art of allowing.

This is where you can sit back, be vortexy and chill, and let the Universe do ALL the magical heavy lifting for you. This is where stuff kind of does start to magically appear, where all cooperative components come into your experience.

This is the yummy zone.

Two days remain until we begin my ‘live for one time only’ 30 Days of Deepeing your Manifesting Flow – a 5 module course of 30 days of taking things deeper and moving beyond Mastering the Art of Manifesting…

I am insatiably passionate about demystifying the Law of Attraction and it is my vision to help millions globally to live on purpose, from a place of alignment, joy, and passion. When you know how to consciously leverage Law of Attraction and you have mastered the art of manifesting, you are literally limitless.

You can join my Facebook Group where there is an amazing global manifesting community supporting one another and accessing my ongoing support. I also have several powerful courses designed to fast-track you to available, both self study and real time with my ongoing support.

It may surprise you to know that I am not a natural manifester, and that I have had to self study for years to sift through, find and even create tools and processes that are simple yet phenomenally powerful. The way I work and coach is very different and my techniques will fast-track you easily into positive manifesting flow.

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