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Welcome, Gorgeous Manifester!

I am so, so happy you are here.

Since May 1, 2017, I have been sharing my Mastering the Art of Manifesting coaching and teachings with thousands globally and now I am so excited to share what has been so successful for myself and countless clients to date, with you, gorgeous soul.

I have put this book together as an easy to follow, 21-day guide.

Each day I will share a simple but powerful manifesting tool or mindset insight with you.

These teachings and techniques don’t just work for me, they work for the hundreds of people that I have worked with since May 2017, and now, it is time to spread this incredible knowledge and to take it out to the millions worldwide, who desire to absorb it.

This book is intentionally set out to be easy to follow and simplistic in its nature. Manifesting and Law of Attraction loves simplicity and ease.

None of what I teach is complex and, once you know it you can’t unknow it and you will have this powerful knowledge for life.

Formerly from the London corporate world, I somehow always had an innate knowing that there was more to life. I always felt like I was on autopilot, caught up in the 9 to 5, 40-year plan and commuter treadmill, yet I felt resigned to this lifestyle and I couldn’t see another way.

During this time of my London career, about ten years ago, I discovered the book Ask and It Is Given, which my beautiful sister gifted me, and as soon as I opened it I knew I had stumbled upon the missing jigsaw piece.

In May 2017, I threw caution to the wind and leapt into the arms of the Universe and decided to follow my one and only passion

I decided to become a Law of Attraction and Manifesting coach.

Since that time I have lived and breathed the tools that I will share with you throughout this 21-day journey that we are about to embark upon together, and I have manifested SO much: my dream cottage (down to every detail including the blue front door!), my dream car, a multiple six-figure income, a place on the life-changing Abraham Hicks cruise, a luxury trip to the Maldives, business class flights and first-class flights and so, so much more.

But this isn’t just about manifesting money and material things, this is about manifesting a sense of deep fulfilment, joy and passion that I now experience virtually daily — something I will never take for granted. I am living the best version of me, and in the process, inspiring and helping thousands. I have found my passion and live and breathe my purpose.

Helping others too to follow their bliss, to unearth their passion and purpose and to also become limitless, is what sets my soul on fire.

When you work with the Law of Attraction, you are more powerful than one million people who don’t leverage these universal laws.

Currently less than 5% of the global population deliberately utilises Law of Attraction to design and create the lives of their dreams. I want to help lead the way in increasing this percentage and in widening the reach of this knowledge.

My vision is huge and the ripple effect that I am creating is already significant. I am helping thousands who are, in turn, helping more and more people. I am training people to do what I do and to coach this magic on, and I am helping my clients and following globally, to master and share these tools with their friends and loved ones.

If you surrender to the teachings within this book over 21 days you will feel happier, more at peace, and you’ll notice the magic of the Universe manifesting your desires, every single day.

I will help you to reconnect to your inner guidance and to your playful self — the true you that, like so many, you have most likely been conditioned to forget increasingly throughout your adult years.

This book isn’t intended as something for you to pick up, read and then to ‘think about’ taking action with, further down the line — this book is designed to help you to take delicious and playful action now, that will lead to many manifestations.

In my experience, too many people say: ‘one day’, or ‘when this, that or the other has happened’, but the Universe wants to play with you and to co-create the manifestation of all your desires, NOW! So, darling manifester, why would you want to wait?!

This book is designed to help you move and manifest what you want, rapidly, with ease and grace.

 The techniques that I use on a daily basis and that I will share with you here in these pages, will specifically short-cut and fast-track your manifesting.

My wish for you is that you will use these tools, way beyond the 21 days because, if you do you will be able to manifest whatever you want — you are limitless, really and truly.

I deeply hope you enjoy this book. It has been written with so much love and every ounce of my soul.

If you’d like to get to know me more in person, you are so welcome to join my worldwide community — my Mastering the Art of Manifesting Facebook group, where you will be able to access hours upon hours of free live video content, as well as my energy, love and support.

I want to help you learn the power of your inner guidance and the Universe and to realise how simple and fast it is for you to manifest the life of your dreams. It is meant to be easy, it is meant to be fun.

I also feel at this stage that I should probably point out that, in numerology terms, I am not deemed as a natural manifester! Therefore, I have spent years proactively studying and sifting through teachings and techniques, even creating my own methods, to find the processes that work for me. This is also why now when working with clients, I can easily pinpoint where they are getting stuck. I have made every mistake you can think of.

My aim is that my teachings demystify Law of Attraction and manifesting. It is my promise to you that, if you take these tools and continually implement and ingrain them into your daily life, within 12 months or less, manifesting the life of your dreams will become second nature to you and you will have experienced huge shifts.

If I can do this, everyone can. Everything can change rapidly once you have mastered the art of manifesting.

So, are you ready to begin?

Hello my darling,

I am so, so delighted and honoured that you would like to pre-order my book ahead of its launch.
I have written it with so much love and cannot wait for you the be amongst the very first to own a copy.

I am manifesting this passing through the hands of millions globally, and so I want to thank you for being right here at the very start of this adventure!

Please do register below with your email address, so that as soon as it goes on sale we can email you so you can immediately order your copy.

Thank you so much for your love and support. It truly means the world to me.

I love you x x x