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How I Work

In addition to the free content in my facebook group, I offer various coaching packages.

My time is, of course, limited and so, particularly with regards to my 121 work, I have to shortlist the enquiries I receive. When I work with you, I fully commit to you and give you my all.

If I can’t coach you immediately, I do have a waitlist that you can join and, in the meantime, I offer some additional resources to help get you started on your fast-track manifesting journey.

Become an incredible manifesting coach, transform lives and manifest your own dream life in the process. Are you utterly passionate about helping others to live into their full potential and purpose, with ease and grace? Do you live and breathe Law of Attraction? Do you want to step into your soul purpose of inspiring others and becoming an extraordinary manifesting coach?

A 4 month intimate group mastermind where you will receive close coaching and support from me, bespoke to your own, personal manifesting vision and desires. Establish an ingrained manifesting mindset as well as all of the tools that I coach, enabling and empowering you to create an extraordinary life on your very own terms

book a clarity call with me

This is a 4 week self-study programme that I have created for you if you are new to manifesting and the Law of Attraction, or if you have manifested things in the past but now you are ready to build far greater manifesting momentum and consistency. This is for you if you are ready to leap. If you are ready to up-level your life. If you are ready to begin the process of transformation.

Learn the phenomenally powerful money manifesting mindset tools that within under one year, took me from a few hundred pounds a month, to a multiple six figure annual income. If you are truly committed and 100% determined to clear all of your negative beliefs, patterns and limiting thoughts around money, this 4 week self-study programme is for YOU!

Are you ready to become a Millionaire Manifester?

Join my elite VIP membership, specifically for manifesters worldwide who desire huge and limitless money flow.

Master the art of manifesting in luxury surroundings. I am passionate about travel and wholeheartedly know the power and importance of escaping normal day to day life. Join me in stunning locations, nurture and feed your soul and enjoy huge relaxation and, of course, huge positive manifesting flow. The events and retreats that I offer are highly intimate and exclusive, especially created to transport you into the limitless version of you.


The Greatest Love of All Retreat. Your time is now. Get ready to be pampered from head to toe in a stunning, luxury villa in beautiful Ibiza


Uplevel your life and ignite huge manifesting momentum, in quantum leap-style accommodation in the heart of Maldives.

  • Dream day journal tutorial
  • How to make your vision board actually work tutorial
  • Money manifesting meditation

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(full price £250)

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  • Money manifesting meditation

Special offer £29
(Full price £37)

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